Auto industry boosts sales tax collections

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 3, 2001

Brookhaven businesses in October rang up over $313,000 for thecity’s share of sales tax collections, thanks in part to a healthyautomobile industry, chamber of commerce officials said.

At $313,127.60, collections were up over $4,000 from the October2000 total of $308,974.07. That represented about a 2 percentincrease, which was a little better than the state’s growth rate,said Chandler Russ, chamber executive vice-president.

“We’re still seeing very strong automobile sales with theincentives that manufacturers are putting out there,” Russ said.”That is definitely helping us continue our sales tax growth.”

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The October 2001 collections put the city at No. 20 in statewiderankings.

“We’re fortunate we’re having that 2 percent growth,” Russ said.”Other areas of the state are having declines in their sales taxcollections.”

Russ said the year to date growth was also about 2 percent. Thecity’s total so far in 2001 was $1,280,071.70, compared to$1,267,660.73 at the same point in 2000.

The numbers reflect the importance of shoppers making everyeffort possible to continue to shop and buy locally during theholiday season.

“We’re going to do all we can to make sure local businesses andthe economy stay healthy during these tough economic times,” Russsaid.

In other parts of southwest Mississippi, McComb collectionsleaped to $353,795.65 in October sales tax. The October 2001 total,which placed the city 15th in the state, represented an increase ofmore than $20,000 from the October 2000 total of $332,785.30.

In year-to-date totals, McComb had $1,417,556.31 in 2001 and$1,370,266.42 in 2000.

Also in Pike County, Summit businesses gathered $17,258.07 inOctober sales tax, a decrease from last October’s $19,602.17. Forthe years-to-date, the town’s 2001 total was $79,951.05, over$2,000 above 2000’s $77,883.93.

In Lawrence County, Monticello merchants took in $31,017.71 forthe city’s share of October 2001 sales tax, a little more thanOctober 2000’s $29,459.24. The city’s 2001 year-to-date totalcontinued to be off its 2000 pace: $120,759.62 this year and$123,825.35 last year.

Wesson businesses’ October sales tax collections were down to$9,581.92, compared to $9,982.91 last October. Its year-to-datetotal was running a little ahead of its 2000 pace with $39,482.52this year and $38,101.21 last year.

To the west in Franklin County, Bude businesses rang up$8,069.86 for the town, a small decrease over October 2000’s$8,322.04. For 2001, its yearly total was $33,934.94 and $31,734.36in 2000.

Meadville merchants took in $8,936.72 in October 2001, adecrease from October 2000 with $9,775.65. Yearly totals show thetown with $32,050.93 in 2001 collections and $36,899.88 in 2000collections.