TIP: Better be ‘sober as a judge’

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 17, 2001

A tip for dealing with the legal system: When awaitingsentencing for third offense DUI, don’t show up for courtintoxicated.

A Brookhaven man earned a one-week stay in the Lincoln CountyJail Friday morning when Judge Mike Smith cited him for contempt ofcourt by being drunk.

Shawn Donley, 40, of 742 Union Church Road, said he and his wifewere uncertain about what Friday would bring as far as sentencing,so they tried to have a good time at home Thursday night. He saidthey had shared about two six packs.

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With a blood alcohol level of .15, Smith speculated that theyshared several gallons.

“What’d you do, lay down and she poured it in you?” Smithasked.

Court officials said Donley smelled of alcohol when he arrivedlate for court, and he was given an intoxilizer breath test. Thejudge gave Donley a copy of the .15 test results to place on hisjail cell wall.

“I like for people to have a good time, just not in court,”Smith said.

Donley had earlier pleaded guilty to the third offense DUIcharge. For that, he was sentenced to three years but placed in theIntensive Supervision Program (ISP) to earn probation uponsuccessful completion. He was also ordered to pay a $4,000 fine andto be evaluated for an alcohol and drug treatment program.

In other unrelated drunk driving cases, two men faced sentencingafter pleading guilty to third offense DUI.

Thomas Earl Allen, 36, of 2698 Old Highway 51, Wesson, wasplaced in ISP for the first year of a three-year sentence, with theremainder suspended for five years probation. He was also orderedto pay a $4,000 fine and to be evaluated for an alcohol and drugtreatment program.

Bruce Lyons, age and address unavailable, was also placed in ISPfor the first year of a three-year sentence, with the remaindersuspended for five years probation. He was ordered to pay a $4,000fine and to be evaluated for an alcohol and drug treatmentprogram.