Caution urged as cold lingers

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, January 2, 2002

Even though the threat of snowy weather may have passed, localofficials are advising residents to continue using caution just incase bridges freeze during the cold spell that could last a fewmore days.

“We’re not used to driving in those type weather conditions soif it turns icy and snowy, people need to stay off the roads if atall possible,” said Brookhaven Police Chief Arlustra “Pap”Henderson.

Lincoln County Civil Defense Director Clifford Galey did notbelieve weather conditions in the area would turn severe, but saidthe possibility still remains.

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“They said we didn’t have anything serious and it didn’t looklike we would,” said Galey, who was in New Orleans Wednesday butspoke with Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department officials about theweather.

Galey was told that a couple sightings of snow flurries werereported in the county, with most only containing a fewsnowflakes.

Flurries were also reported in neighboring Franklin and Pikecounties Tuesday evening.

Authorities were unaware of any road closures in the area, andbelieve there will not be any because the precipitation has notbeen sticking to the ground.

If areas, such as bridges, do become iced over, motorists shoulduse more caution than usual, Galey pointed out.

“People need to slow down and be careful,” he said. “Whencrossing a bridge, it’s best to just ease off the gas and go slowacross it.”

Galey said the most important rule to remember is to not hit thebrakes on icy roads because that can cause a vehicle to slide outof control.