Kishwaukee kicks Wolves

Published 6:00 am Thursday, March 14, 2002

WESSON – Two extra inning games, 11 Co-Lin errors, and one raindelay was all it took for the Kishwaukee (Ill.) Kougars to reach aneven .500 on the season Tuesday afternoon. The Kougars, spelledwith a K, beat the Wolves 8-6 in the early game and 11-9 in thelate finale. Both games went extra innings, before the Kougarswrapped things up in eight.

The Kougars (3-3) based in Malta, Ill., resumed the second oftheir 3-game series with the Wolves (8-6) yesterday afternoon,after play wall called Monday night in the fourth because of rain.The Kougars entered yesterday’s contest leading 5-2, beforesettling on two eight inning runs that prevailed them tovictory.

“This was two losses that really hurt,” said Co-Lin coach KeithCase. “We didn’t represent Co-Lin today mentally or physically. Ourfocus seemed to be in other places and not in today’s game.”

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Case was making reference to the Wolves eight costly errors thathurt them late in the second game. His Wolves made three in thelast four innings of the earlier game, that also cost them awin.

Kishwaukee 8, Co-Lin 6

“The second that was called because of the rain, was a very goodwin for us.” said Kishwaukee coach Mike Davenport. “Our pitchers,Jim Caine and Eric Hullinger, really stepped up for us.”

Caine a 6-foot-2, 210-pound sophomore hurler from St. Charles,Ill.,started the game for the Kougars before being replacedyesterday by Hullinger at the start. Caine a former 10th round pickby the Minnesota Twins, allowed Co-Lin’s first two runs off singlesfrom sophomores David Gray and Christopher Robinson in the firstinning. The Wolves and Kougars were deadlocked at two, after oneinning of play.

In the second, the Kougars used an Anthony Manuel single toscore sophomore teammates Adam Keeler and Jason Smart. The Kougarsadded another run in the third to lead 5-2, before play was calledMonday night after four.

When play resumed, the Kougars sent Oak Forest, Ill. native andNew York Yankees draft and follow pick Eric Hullinger to the mound.Hullinger (6-1, 175) allowed Co-Lin one run the fourth off a KyleBeall single that sent home Clinton native Matt Lea who had reachedbase safely via a walk.

Another Kougar run gave Kishwaukee a 6-3 lead after five. Co-Linexploded for three dynamic runs in the sixth that tied the game atsix. The Wolves three-plate special came off singles from Brown andBeall and a double by Gray that tied it.

The Wolves entered the seventh with a chance to take the leadafter a supreme pitching performance by sophomore Jacob Hartwig.Hartwig kept the Kougars silent in the top of the seventh with twostrikeouts and a pop fly which gave Co-Lin momentum heading intoits half of the inning.

The Kougars wouldn’t allow it. Kishwaukee used Hullinger’s hothand to smoke the Wolves batters with a strikeout and two groundouts. The Kougars scored their game-winning runs in the eighth offa key Ross Van De Hey single, that sent Smart and freshmanshortstop Eric Johnson home.

Kishwaukee ended the game in an uproar after Hullinger sentthree Co-Lin batters packing with routine fly outs. Hullingergained his first win with three strikeouts and two walks.

Hartwig suffered the loss for the Wolves with three strikeoutsand one walk. He allowed three hits on four runs. Co-Lin starterCole Zumbro pitched the first innings, before the rain startedMonday night. He collected six strikeouts and two walks.

At the plate, the Wolves were led by Brown and Beall with twosingles each. Beall also added two RBI’s, while Brown collected twostolen bases.

The Kougars were led by Keeler with three singles and two RBI’s.Freshman catcher Matt Cannizzo gathered two singles.

Kishwaukee 11, Co-Lin 9

In the late game, the Wolves and Kougars battled backand forth before settling for a 6-6 deadlock after four innings ofplay. The Kougars would end the knot by scoring in the fifth andsixth off several Co-Lin errors. The Kougars led 9-6 after five anda half innings.

Co-Lin recovered and came back. The Wolves scored threelate sixth inning runs to tie the game at 9-9. The three run sixthwas highlighted by two wild Kougar pitches and a Gray fielder’schoice that sent Brown home for the tie.

After a scoreless seventh, the Wolves and Kougars againentered baseball overtime. The extra period, seemed more like anightmare for Co-Lin coaches Keith Case and Pete Young. The Wolvescommitted two costly errors which sent two Kougar runners home, fora tough 11-9 advantage.

Co-Lin tried to mount a comeback but the Kougars turneda doubleplay that ended the Wolves hopes of a rally.

“I’m surprised that we stayed that close in the game,despite making the errors,” added Case. “We gave them 19 extrabases to our five. Overall, I can assure you by the time we playHibbing, Minnesota Thursday we will be focused.”

Kendall Poole suffered the loss for the Wolves with onestrikeout.

Kougar freshman Paul Moviel gained the win forKishwaukee with one strikeout and one walk in relief.

At the plate, the Kougars were led by Van De Hey withthree doubles. Manuel and Johnson collected a home run and a singleeach.

For the Wolves, Brown paced the Wolves attack with twosingles and a stolen base. Robinson collected a double and asingle, while sophomore first baseman Brandon Holleman added twosingles.

The Kougars resume their Mississippi vacation today atSouthwest for a doubleheader starting at 1:00. The Wolves resumeplay tomorrow afternoon host Hibbing for a 4 p.m.doubleheader.