Court hears guilty pleas

Published 6:00 am Monday, March 25, 2002

MONTICELLO — Seven pleaded guilty Wednesday in circuit courtout of the 91 indictments announced at a docket call March 15.

Several of the indictments handed down by the 15th JudicialDistrict in February were in cases that have received a lot ofpublic scrutiny.

Among the cases receiving public scrutiny is an aggravatedassault charge against Joseph S. “Buddy” Dickson III, who isaccused of shooting a four-wheeler rider who was riding along FairRiver.

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Other high profile cases include Jeffrey “Bo Greer” Wheless,charged with child molestation, sexual battery and statutory rape;Larry Walker on charges of car jacking, kidnapping, attemptedforcible intercourse, robbery and two counts of sexual battery; anda re-indictment against Michael Schwauzuer and Mary Barnes oncharges of one count each of rape and molestation and three countsof sexual battery.

Tensions along Fair River grew in May 2001 after Dickson, 53, of511 Nola Road, Sontag, allegedly shot Jeff Ingles, 30, of 2823Allen Road, Brookhaven, for trespassing.

Ingles was one of several family members and friends camping ona sandbar above Dickson’s property at the edge of Lincoln Countyalong Fair River. The group was riding their four-wheelers alongthe river around midnight when several shots were fired, one ofwhich caught Ingles in the chest and shoulder area. A Mossberg 12gauge shotgun was recovered at the scene.

Dickson called 911 at 12:09 a.m. May 20 and said he had shot aperson and required an ambulance, Sheriff Joel Thames said at thetime.

Ingles said during a preliminary hearing later that he did notsee who fired the shot, but identified Dickson because Dicksonapproached them with a shotgun and made threats against Ingles’brother after the shots were fired.

Dickson’s trail has been set for Dec. 9.

A trial date of June 24 has been set for Wheless, 22, of Rt. 2,Box 86m1, Monticello. He is accused of molesting and raping a16-year-old girl.

Walker, 37, of 1042 Thomas Grove Road, McComb, will face hischarges June 25. He is accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old femaleAug. 25, 2001, and demanding and receiving oral sex. He is alsocharged with robbing the victim of an undisclosed amount ofcash.

Schwauzuer, 72, of P.O. Box 74, Silver Creek, and Barnes, 53, ofP.O. Box 205, Silver Creek, will have their day in court on Dec. 4after being re-indicted. The original indictment was not prosecutedNov. 28, 2001, because of typographical errors on the date of oneof the counts and the birth date of the victim.

Schwauzuer is accused of raping the daughter of Barnes numeroustimes from May 1998 to May 2000 with the permission and consent ofBarnes. The daughter was 12 years old when the alleged crimesbegan.

Barnes is accused of being an accessory before the fact byconsenting to transport the child to Schwauzuer’s home andaccepting money from Schwauzuer to allow him to rape and sexuallybatter the daughter.

Those who pleaded Wednesday include:

* Bobby Joe Davis, 48, of 42 Minnie Davis Lane, Sontag, forburglary.

* Barbara “Bobbie” Maddox, 38, Rt. 1, Box 309, Monticello, foruttering forged instrument.

* Jamie Lee, 18, 3365 Mallalieu Drive, Jayess, for utteringforged instrument.

* Cynthia Carper, 39, P.O. Box 270, Monticello, for utteringforged instrument.

* Kenneth Johnson, 20, Rt. 1, Box 89cc, Monticello, for burglaryof a dwelling. A second charge for the same offense is scheduled tobe dropped.

* Joseph Lee, 19, 36 Gill Lane, Silver Creek, for burglary of adwelling; and

* Tommy “Whiteboy” Johnson, 22, P.O. Box 111, Monticello, forsale/transfer of a controlled substance. A second charge for thesame offense is scheduled to be dropped.

Their sentencing is scheduled for March 28 in Jefferson DavisCounty.

Twenty-two charges were not prosecuted by the grand jury.

“These charges were all on people charged for bad checks,” saidCircuit Clerk Cindy Stokes.

Charges on those were dropped when they paid the debt and courtcosts, she said.