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Sales tax returns keep Brookhaven in state’s Top 20

In a month that saw a number of cities’ collections decline,Brookhaven’s May sales tax total posted a small increase and thecity stayed among the state’s Top 20 collectors, according tostatistics from the Mississippi Tax Commission.

Brookhaven’s share of May sales tax collections totaled$328,285.32, which represented a slight increase over May 2001’s$322,512.43. The city’s increase broke with a trend among othermunicipalities, said Chandler Russ, executive vice-president of theBrookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce.

“Twelve of the Top 20 saw declines in their collections,” Russsaid.

Brookhaven’s 2002 total represented about a 2 percentincrease.

“It still keeps us about $110,000 ahead of last year’scollections,” Russ said.

So far in fiscal year 2002, Brookhaven has taken in$3,553,890.12. At the same point in fiscal year 2001, the city had$3,450,748.96.

Russ attributed the increase to a solid effort by localautomobile dealers and other retailers.

“Our businesses being able to provide goods and services on aregional basis is a factor in our being able to weather the slowereconomy out there,” Russ said. “We’re in a fortunate position to beable to do that.”

Russ said it was important to note that the $328,000 representedonly 18.5 percent of all sales tax collected in Brookhaven duringMay. Cities receive that percentage while the rest stays with thestate.

That means total sales tax collected was $1.6 million on anapproximate $22.8 million in sales.

“It shows you the strength of our economy on a monthly basis,”Russ said.

In other parts of southwest Mississippi, McComb collectionsdipped to $340,070.31 in May sales tax. The May 2002 total, whichplaced the city 18th in the state, represented a decrease of over$9,000 from the May 2001 total of $349,099.95.

In year-to-date totals, McComb had $3,999,899.42 in 2002 and$3,828,251.48 in 2001.

Also in Pike County, Summit businesses gathered $19,657.33 inMay sales tax, a decrease from last May’s $20,466.13. For theyears-to-date, the town’s 2002 total was $202,607.91, down a littlefrom 2001’s $204,386.99.

In Lawrence County, Monticello merchants took in $30,953.03 forthe city’s share of May 2002 sales tax, a small increase over May2001’s $28,656.14. The city’s 2002 year-to-date total stayed aheadof its 2001 pace: $343,670.17 this year and $336,936.11 lastyear.

Wesson businesses’ May sales tax collections were up slightly to$10,373.47, compared to $10,307.53 last May. Its year-to-date totalremained ahead of its 2001 pace with $109,291.92 this year and$107,643.39 last year.

To the west in Franklin County, Bude businesses rang up$7,639.02 for the town, which was down compared to May 2001’s$8,242.38. For 2002, its yearly total was $89,381.46 and $86,067.71in 2001.

Meadville merchants took in $7,718.43 in May 2002, which wasdown from May 2001 with $8,068.96. Yearly totals show the town with$93,291.52 in 2002 collections and $100,711.95 in 2001collections.