Looks like we stepped on some political toes

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Oops! We made Congressman Ronnie Shows mad. Or maybe to be moreaccurate, we made his campaign staff angry. We think they did notlike our comments in last Sunday’s edition regarding Shows’political grandstanding on WorldCom. Apparently they do not likeopinions to be expressed other than those with which theyagree.

Unfortunately we do not know for sure what made them angry,because all we got was a phone call to our circulation departmentby a staff member to cancel the campaign headquarters’ subscriptionto The DAILY LEADER. The reason, according to the staffer, wasbecause, “(the newspaper) was no longer beneficial to thecampaign.”

Oops! We did not know our job was to be beneficial to anyone’scampaign!

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Sorry Ronnie, we did not mean to step on your political toes,but you know, we here in Lincoln County are a bit sensitive to theWorldCom situation. It is kind of like family around here, and wedo not like folks taking pot shots at our kin before all the factsare known.

But, hey Ronnie, instead of getting mad and taking your ball andgoing home, why not express your displeasure via a letter to theeditor. Tell our readers and us why our viewpoint is incorrect andtake the opportunity to change our mind. We will be more than happyto run it — even if you are not a subscriber!

By the way, your refund check is in the mail.