Suspects enter ‘not guilty’ pleas in Durr murder

Published 5:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2002

Two men accused of capital murder in the June 18 death of aBrookhaven man pleaded not guilty Wednesday during arraignmentproceeding in Lincoln County Circuit Court.

Formal arraignment, the reading of the indictment against theaccused, was held for Jerrard T. Cook, 17, of 2123 Madison Road,and Cearic A. Barnes, 18, of 830 Beauregard St.. The two men werecharged with capital murder in the June 18 slaying of Marvin Durr,whose burned car was found that morning on South WashingtonStreet.

Attorney Bill Barnett is representing Barnes while James Lappan,with the Capital Defense Office in Jackson, is working with Cook’scase. Prosecution and defense attorneys had no comment on the casefollowing the arraignment proceedings.

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Omnibus hearings for the capital murder suspects and defendantsin other cases Wednesday were scheduled for Oct. 15. By the hearingdate, defendants either accept a plea agreement from theprosecution or signal that they want a trial date for theircases.

Defendants in most other cases Wednesday waived arraignment,which amounted to entering a not guilty plea to their charges.

In other court action Wednesday, Kathy M. Bonnabel, 48, of 1103Auburn Drive, waived arraignment in her three-count indictment onembezzlement, forgery and mail fraud charges. Judge Mike Smithraised Bonnabel’s bond amount from $75,000 to $100,000 duringWednesday’s court hearing.

The indictment accuses Bonnabel of taking more than $50,000 fromher former employer, lawyer and city prosecutor Raymond Boutwell,between May 1997 and July 2002. Boutwell said records from thatperiod are still being recovered, and it appears the amount ofmoney taken would exceed $100,000.

“We don’t have all the bank records yet,” said Boutwell, who hasclosed his law office and is now working out of his home.

Boutwell attended Wednesday’s court session to take cases fromdefendants needing attorneys.

Before assigning a case to the public defender’s office, Smithquestioned defendants about their employment and any possible rent,car payments or other financial obligations. Smith and Judge KeithStarrett have been taking a closer look at circumstances involvingdefendants who say they are unable to hire an attorney on their ownand request public assistance.

“You’re going to have to pay the county back for the attorney,”Smith told defendants assigned to the public defender’s office.

Other defendants facing arraignments and their charges Wednesdayincluded:

* Will Thomas, also known as Willie M. Thomas – 23, of 4160Summit-Holmesville Road, McComb – possession of a firearm by aconvicted felon.

* Timothy Glenn Rose – 28, of 3158 Pleasant Hill Dr., BogueChitto – two counts of uttering forgery.

* Larry Russell – 55, of 1224 Union St. – two indictmentstotaling one count of burglary of a dwelling and three counts ofburglary of an automobile.

* Javon Banks, 20, of 3005 James Dr. – aggravated domesticviolence, burglary of a dwelling and escape.

* Robert Bryan Smith – 32, of 2814 Pearlie Dr. – burglary of adwelling.

* Jeannine Troiani – 37, of 609 Georgetown St., Hazlehurst -uttering forgery.

* Michael Blue, 32, of 520 South Second St.; Jeremy C. Campbell,22, of 536 North Church St.; Darren T. Brummond, 18, of 1728 EastMonticello St.; and Jerry Doss, 23, of 1103 Brookway Boulevard -armed robbery.

* Heath E. Garay, 20, of 1577 Opelousas Lane; and Lakisha V.Boling, 23, of 1570 Clark Travis Lane – three counts of falsepretense, grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

* Derek Preston Gilliland, 21, of Kentwood, La. – armedrobbery.

* Nicole Pybus, 26, of 2041 Steel Creek Road, Georgetown -uttering forgery.

* Steve Roberts, 23, of 1610 North Jackson St. – aggravateddomestic violence.

* Willie B. Laird, 41, of 726 Luther Trail – two separate sexualbattery indictments.

* Bertha Rockingham, 37, of 2932 Zetus Road – aggravated assaultand shooting into a motor vehicle.

* Josh Paul Sicard, 37, of 19, of 207 East Court St. – grandlarceny and conspiracy.

* Joseph Anthony Parker, 19, of 101 Amite Road – possession ofstolen property.

* Harrison Thomas Arnold, 35, of 1051 Eagle Trail – 11 counts offraudulent use of identity.

* Dedric Perkins, 21, of 806 North Jackson St. – aggravatedassault.

* Willie C. Walker, 46, of 2850 Old Highway 51, Wesson – sexualbattery.

* Julius L. Green, 26, of 822 Magee Dr. – unlawful taking of amotor vehicle.

* Michael Chad Wallace, 21, of 148 Wakefield Dr. – possession ofa firearm by a convicted felon.

* Jackie Durr, 23, of 1354 Field Lark Lane – touching, handlingor feeling a child for lustful purposes.

* Brian L. Johnson, 19, of 1839 Monterey Road, Pearl, andNicholes M. Laudis, 21, of Richland – unlawful taking of a motorvehicle and conspiracy.

* Willie E. Humphrey, 30, of 1858 Pacific Hill, Bogue Chitto -unlawful possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

* Karen Porter, 42, of 483 Phelps Lane – two indictmentstotaling two counts of obtaining controlled substance by fraud,unlawful possession of hydrocodone, and conspiracy.

* Charlene Hart, 38, of 800 Atlantis Loop, Bogue Chitto – twoindictments totaling obtaining controlled substance by fraud;attempting to obtain controlled substance by fraud andconspiracy.

* Lionel Jackson, 22, of 2123 Anderson Road – unlawful sale ofmarijuana within 1,500 feet of a school.

* Steven Kyle Walley, 21, of 1528 Walley Lane, and Billy PaulPinter, 32, of 1606 Sandifer Lane – unlawful possession ofmethamphetamine, unlawful possession of two or more precursorchemicals with intent to manufacture methamphetamine andconspiracy.

* Justin Bales, 18, of 2860 Teardrop Lane, Bogue Chitto – thirddegree arson.

An indictment is not a statement on the guilt or innocence ofthe accused. Defendants are innocent until they plead guilty or areconvicted during a trial.