Wesson revises burn ordinance

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, October 2, 2002

WESSON — The town’s burn ordinance was revisited Tuesday as theboard of aldermen decided to make some changes to it during themonthly meeting.

Prompted by letters, phone calls and complaints from townresidents, the board removed the stipulation that a burn permitmust be issued before any burning of debris in the town. Otheraspects of the burn ordinance were unchanged.

“When they have bonfires at the school or anything like thatwhere there’s going to be a lot of people, they should have tonotify town hall, though,” said Alderman-at-large DavidDouglas.

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The rule that only natural debris, such as leaves and limbs, canbe burned will remain the same. Fires still must be out by dark andmust be supervised by an adult.

Town Clerk Linda Dykes feared that not making residents obtainburn permits would result in more violations. Residents usually aretold the rules when picking up an ordinance.

Mayor Bill Tigner asked that the rules continue to be enforcedby the police department, with a warning issued on the firstviolation and a $50 fine given for the second violation.

“It won’t take long for everyone to learn,” said Ward OneAlderman Robert Derrick.

Another ordinance that will be enforced by the police departmentconcerns junk vehicles in residents’ yards. Police Chief LanceFalvey said he had some problems with people claiming the cars wereantiques, and he was unsure how to handle those situations.

“If it’s an antique, it needs to have an up-to-date antiquetag,” said Derrick.

Tigner advised Falvey to continue issuing warnings. If Falveycontinues to meet resistance, Tigner said the town would have to”meet them with a tow truck and send them the bill.”

In open discussion, Tigner told aldermen and the approximately10 people gathered in town hall that construction is expected tobegin in November on the Old Wesson School. The school is beingrenovated for use by St. Ambrose Leadership College.

Tigner also gave an update on the Main Street property owned byBobby Lumley.

Lumley’s attorney and Tigner met last week and again on Tuesday,coming to the conclusion that Lumley plans to sell the propertysoon. Tigner asked for documentation of the sale or the town wouldgo through with condemning the building.

After an executive session, Tigner announced that CurtisSutterfield, head of the water department, had resigned Tuesday.Mark Brown, the street supervisor, will begin training to become acertified water specialist in Sutterfield’s place, said Tigner.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be 7 p.m., Nov.5, at town hall.