Work on annexation must be open to public

Published 5:00 am Monday, October 21, 2002

In addition to the discreet pay raise the city board votedthemselves a few weeks ago, we are even more concerned about thelack of openness the board is exhibiting regarding annexation plansfor the city.

The board last week stated its intention to hold meetings withannexation consultants behind closed doors. They went on the recordsaying they were not sure a public meeting was even a required partof the process.

We wholly support the board on the concept of annexation, forthe future economic vitality of Brookhaven depends on it. However,doing so without complete openness and public input is notacceptable and is a strategy headed for controversy.

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Annexation is an important step for the community and one thatcannot be taken lightly. Taxpayers have concerns, as do homeownersand business owners who live outside the current city limits. Thereare many questions to be answered and concerns to be addressed.

If the board has learned anything over the last two weeks it isthat the public responds negatively when they feel their bestinterests are not being considered.

We hope the board will take the cue and keep everyone informedon their plans for annexation.