West Lincoln’s King is queen of slowpitch

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 16, 2002

Dana King has been a human vacuum cleaner at shortstop for theWest Lincoln Lady Bears. Blessed with quickness and arm strength,King has snared hard grounders and thrown out many runners whothought they had a hit.

At the plate

, King’s versatility was keenly evident. She batted .500 andpossessed the ability to hit to all fields. Recognizing herall-around skills, King has been selected The Daily Leader’s MostValuable Player on the 2002 All-Area Girls Slowpitch SoftballTeam.

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Joining King on the dream team are infielders Jessica Melton ofBogue Chitto, Megan Bateman of Brookhaven and Lauren Smith of WestLincoln.

Mandy Vinson, a standout pitcher and batter for the BrookhavenLady Panthers, is the DL’s Defensive Player of the Year. She isjoined on the mound by Hannah Roberts of West Lincoln and KiaPorter of Bogue Chitto.

Randi Moak, a senior left-centerfielder, is the DL’s OffensivePlayer of the Year. Joining her in the outfield are Chuvaquah Smithand Cortney Fielder of Brookhaven and Brittney Alexander of NorthPike.

The dream team catchers are Nikki Leggett of Enterprise, AshleySykes of Brookhaven and Maggie Morgan of Wesson. The utilityplayers are Samantha Boutwell of Brookhaven and Brittany King ofWesson. The extra hitter is Emily Smith of Lawrence County.

The dream team was selected by members of the DL sportsdepartment, with input provided by area coaches and collegecoaches.

King led the Lady Bears in RBIs with 23 as they finished 19-10.They were South State runners-up to Union.

West Lincoln softball coach Andrew Redd said King is his coachon the field. “Dana is really a leader on the infield. She alwayskeeps an eye on everything that is going on. She knows exactly whatthe play is going to be.

“If she does make an error or boots the ball, she still stays ontop of the play,” Redd added. “She knows where the runnersare.”

West Lincoln turned 30-plus double plays during the season. Kingand second baseman Lauren Smith were responsible for many ofthem.

At the plate, Redd said King was a tough out. “Dana has battedright around the .500 mark for three years. She’s a real consistenthitter. She doesn’t give up the easy out. She doesn’t worry abouthitting home runs. Her goal is to get on base and advance therunners.”

According to King, her main objective when she comes to theplate is “to get a hit.” She had 48 hits this season and hit 3homers.

Mandy Vinson, a senior right-hander, was recognized for herdefensive skills on the mound. She compiled a 25-8 record. At theplate, she batted .354 and hit 2 homers.

Brookhaven coach Lisa Covington said Vinson worked overtime toraise the arch on her pitch. She already had established herself asa strong hurler on the BHS fastpitch team.

“Last summer I decided that I was going to put Mandy in theoutfield but we needed her on the mound,” explained Covington. “Sheworked hard this season to improve her arch.

“Mandy is a leader on the field,” Covington noted. “She madesome defensive plays that were unbelievable. She handled a linedrive against Lawrence County that would have taken her head off.Then she doubled up the girl who was on base.”

Randi Moak has been a 6-year starter for the Lady ‘Cats.

As a senior this season she batted .427, leading her team to therunner-up spot in Division 7-1A and a 16-9 record. She bats leftbut throws right.

“Randi is the all-around player for us,” said Bogue Chitto coachAdriane Albritton. “She plays well on offense and defense. She’s agreat leader for us.”

Albritton said Moak was dynamite at home plate. “Randi’s a veryreliable batter. She’s a clutch hitter. She swings with a lot ofpower. She always hits the ball hard.”

Moak hit four homers this season and seven last year.

It was a good year for area softball teams. Wesson (10-7, 7-1),coached by Heather Laird, won the Division 6-2A championship. NorthPike (14-11), coached by Sonya Wallace, won the Division 7-3Atitle. Brookhaven Academy, coached by Neal King and Ricky Allen wonthe District 2-AA crown and finished runner-up in the statetournament.


Bogue Chitto: Amber Maldonado, Candace Braxton, Amanda Wallace,Karen Wallace.

Brookhaven: JaRonda Moore, Brittany Smith, Kensy Hoff, KaylaPrince, Amanda Wallace.

Brookhaven Academy: Molly Newman, Angie Davis, Emily Langley,Kelli Byrd.

Enterprise: Nicole Beard, Kayla Burke, Brandi Beeson.

Franklin County: Brittney Emfinger, Katie Johnson.

Lawrence County: Stacy Smith, Breighanna Dawsey, HeatherSanders, Kari Martin.

North Pike: Heather Williamson, Erin Boyd, Leonna Ballard.

Wesson: Millie Smith, Brittany Smith, Chanelle McCrory, KateScoggin, Anna Johnson.

West Lincoln: Britnee Smith, Alicia Kennedy, BritneyPhillips.