New look for magazine, but it’s ours – and yours

Published 6:00 am Friday, January 17, 2003

You’re going to have to bear with me today, because I’mproud.

What I’m referring to is our 2003 Newcomer Magazine, which isincluded with today’s edition of The DAILY LEADER, and the greatjob our staff did in putting it together.

The idea for an annual Newcomer Magazine came to fruition 11years ago. Over the years the size and the style of the magazinehave changed as we’ve tried to figure out what works best. I thinkthis year’s edition is the best so far.

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While our production and printing departments are consistentlyrated among the top in the state, you have to remember that weprint newspapers, not magazines. So, this year we decided to turnthe printing over to a company that does specialize in suchpublications.

The results are spectacular.

You will see more color photographs and more color advertising.The high quality paper makes everything look better.

But, just because the magazine was printed outside ofBrookhaven, don’t think this product was put together by anybodyother than the staff of The DAILY LEADER.

The editorial copy and photos were done by our newsdepartment.

Our advertising and graphics art departments worked with areamerchants to meet their needs.

Even artist Gary Walters of Jackson, who provided the coverartwork, has a Brookhaven connection. He is the brother-in-law ofPeggy Allbritton.

The Newcomer Magazine is used by the Brookhaven-Lincoln CountyChamber of Commerce and others as a tool to help sell thiscommunity to prospective businesses, industries and individuals whoconsider locating here. We are committed to serving this community,and we are proud to be a part of that effort.

… And while I’m bragging, I want to mention our newscoverage.

For 35 weeks last year, I keep a total of the number of storiesand photos produced by our staff. Here’s what I found:

In those 35 weeks, we wrote 1,776 news articles. This does notinclude items like wedding, engagement and birth announcements,obituaries or articles submitted to us.

Of those 1,776 news articles, 30 percent focused on LincolnCounty and 27 percent on Brookhaven. The rest were split amongCopiah, Franklin, and Lawrence counties.

In those 35 weeks, we published 805 photographs taken by ourstaff or stringers. Thirty-eight percent were of Brookhavensubjects, 35 percent were Lincoln County subjects, and the restwere split among the area.

We are always looking for ways to improve The DAILY LEADER. Weare working on some plans now, and you’ll likely see changes asthis year progresses.

That, too, is part of our commitment to this community — and toyou.

Write to Nanette Laster at P.O. Box 551, Brookhaven, Miss.39602, or send e-mail to