Subdivision put on hold

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Voicing concerns from constituents in the area, Brookhavenaldermen Tuesday delayed action on plans for a new residentialsubdivision near South Jackson Street Extension and MississippiStreet.

Steven and Victoria McKey and engineer J.B. Rushing,representing P&M Enterprises, appeared before the board torequest approval of a subdivision plat and plans for a pumpingstation to handle the development’s sewage. Plans are to have 12lots on the property, with homes ranging from $95,000-$110,000,Victoria McKey said.

However, Alderman at large Les Bumgarner and Ward 4 Alderman BobMassengill questioned the plans. Bumgarner focused on ditch lineproblems near the property, lot size and sewage concerns.Massengill asked if the number of homes could be reduced.

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Massengill said he and Bumgarner were not trying to give thedevelopers a hard time, but they were listening to theirconstituents.

“They’re concerned about the size of the lots and the size ofthe homes, and they’re not comfortable with that,” Massengillsaid.

Responding to questions, McKey said their goal is to eliminateexisting ditch line problems by working with Rushing and the cityengineer, and with Water Department Superintendent Lanny Dickeyregarding sewage concerns.

McKey said the houses would be about 1,430 square feet and wouldadd value to the neighborhood. She said the number of homes couldpossibly to reduced to eight or nine, but not six as Massengillsuggested.

“We want to do something first rate, and we’re willing to workwith the city so that it’s to your standards,” McKey said.

McKey expressed an urgency to move forward in that the couplemoved to Brookhaven about three months ago and wanted to get theproject under way. She said six mostly retirement age people hadexpressed interest in the development, adding that they werelooking to downsize to smaller homes.

Bumgarner said he was surprised the couple would come toBrookhaven and start the project the way they had.

“I think we’re better off to take our time and make the rightdecision,” said Bumgarner, who had offered a motion to table therequest.

When questioned about the project, Building Inspector SteveMoreton said the developers had done what the city had asked sofar. He said the lot sizes are larger than currently required bythe city and subdivision streets would be built to cityspecifications.

“The plans are nice plans,” Moreton said.

Mayor Bill Godbold suggested allowing the City PlanningCommission to review the plans and make a recommendation.

“If they approve it, it’s home free,” Godbold said.

Tuesday’s appearance was the second for the developers regardingthe subdivision. A plat approval request was postponed during theJan. 21 meeting because Lincoln County supervisors had not firstapproved the plat, which was done at Monday’s county boardmeeting.

“I don’t see the need to bring these people back and forward,”Godbold said.

After some discussion about when the city board could act afterplanning commission action, officials agreed to have a specialmeeting next Wednesday. Moreton said the planning commission ismeeting then on another matter and could review the subdivisionrequest.


In other action Tuesday, engineer Jeff Green updated officialson a variety of city projects. First up was the Whitworth Fire Loopto install new water lines in downtown.

“We’re essentially through with that project,” Green said.

Green said some minor issues needed to be taken care of before afinal inspection and approval, which is expected in early March.Due to some dirt and valve needs, the project ran about $30,000over, which Green said was about 3 percent and still good.

“You try to stay 5 percent or less,” he said.

A change order related to the project involved contractorGreenbriar doing some drainage work on High School Street nearBrookhaven High School. The work totaled $53,270, which the schooldistrict will pay to the city.

“None of the funds will come from the city’s funding,” Greensaid, referring to grant funds to pay for the fire loop project.”It will be running through the city.”

Green said another $35,000 will be needed to address someloading dock concerns at the high school.

Green said a final inspection on the First and Second Streetdrainage project is next Tuesday and the contractor for the EPCORoad in the industrial park is getting pipe for the work. Greensaid contractor Kevin Coleman and EPCO had developed a workschedule that would not interfere with company activity.

“We’re looking fairly well there,” Green said.


Also Tuesday, Recreation Department Director Terry Reid saidarchitect Michael Barranco was revising earlier community centerplans to allow a facility near the Dr. A.L. Lott Sports Complex onHamilton Street. Recreation officials are looking at a newcommunity facility to take the place of the deteriorated AlexanderTeen Center near the school.

Later in the meeting, aldermen established a $25 a year fee for18-wheeler truck cabs wanting to park their vehicles in residentialarea.

A city ordinance passed a few years allowed parking of cabs, butnot trailers, in residential areas under certain conditions.However, a fee for a required sticker was never established andTuesday’s action corrected that.