Buiding work maintains good pace

Published 5:00 am Monday, June 30, 2003

Brookhaven construction activity continues at a good pace, witha number of new establishments recently opened, others nearingcompletion and still more in the planning stages, said BuildingInspector Steve Moreton.

Moreton praised a new $498,000 complex on Highway 51 that housesoffices for Quality Home Oxygen, the Human Performance Center andSta-Home Health Care. He mentioned some difficulties in getting theproject to work at the site but said the finished project was agreat improvement visually for the area.

“They’ve got a landscaping plan that is very nice,” Moretonsaid.

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Also in operation now is the Continental Carbonic plant in theindustrial park. The $436,000 plant supplies dry ice for thechicken and catfish industries, Moreton said.

In other industrial park activity, Moreton said L&S Tools onSawmill Lane is working on an $108,000 addition and Delphi ElectricSystems is pursuing an addition estimated at $669,000.

Highway 51 is also seeing a lot of building activity, Moretonsaid.

In the old Super D location, the Country Fisherman restaurant isnearing completion.

“They’re starting to put in the kitchen equipment,” Moretonsaid.

To the north on Highway 51, the Human Performance Center’sHealthplex is scheduled to open in July.

“That’s a nice building,” Moreton said. “They’ve still got a lotof outside work to do.”

South of Brookway Boulevard on Highway 51, Moreton said KRW RealEstate and Bill Allbritton’s construction company are developingtwo new buildings near Firestone. The $350,000 project will be foroffice rental and warehouse space.

Near Natchez Avenue, Brookhaven Hardware is planning forconstruction of a new 10,000 to 12,000 square feet building. Abuilding permit has not been issued, but owner Keith Dorman hopesto get the project done this year.

“We haven’t finalized all the plans,” Dorman said. “We’reprepping the site.”

On Brookway Boulevard, Expectations and the Haberdashery, amen’s clothing store, have opened. Moreton added that BowieBarbecue is making an addition for a new barbecue pit.

On Monticello Street, Save Rite recently completed a remodelingof the former Sack and Save grocery store. In downtown, an officecomplex with upstairs apartments is being considered for a vacantarea near South Railroad Avenue and Chickasaw Street.

In possible future activity, Moreton said he has receivedseveral inquiries about projects but no formal plans. The majorityof the activity, he said, has been business-related.

“There’s not a lot of residential, some rebuilding,” Moretonsaid. “Most of what we’ve got right now is commercial.”