Candidates state views on bridges, industrial park

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Editor’s Note: Today The DAILY LEADER begins aspecial question-and-answer series with candidates in someimportant upcoming county elections. We are starting with theSupervisor District One race.

We sent — via certified mail with a return receipt — a list ofseveral questions to all candidates in the Democratic primary. Onlyone, Dorsey Cameron Jr., chose not to participate in forum. A newseries of questions will be provided to Republican Joe Jones andthe winner of this race prior to the general election inNovember.

Community officials are pursuing development of a new industrialpark. As a supervisor, what would you do to help fill the new parkwith industries should it become a reality?

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Larry J. Boyd: I think the supervisors should work very closelywith the Economic Development Council and the IndustrialDevelopment Foundation to try and bring jobs to Lincoln County. Wealso need to work with business prospects, large or small, and tryto get them to come to Lincoln County. Cooperation with ourcongressmen, senators, and representatives is also needed to locateindustrial companies and bring them to our county.

Andrew Graham: First of all, I will have to getin and find out where we stand and what the county has to work withbefore I can say what I can do to help the community in pursuing anew industrial park. But, if everything works out right, I will doall that I can in the development and finishing of the industrialpark.

Percy Rauls: I would avail myself to frequentlymeet with community officials to hear their views on newdevelopments. It must be noted that several community entities aswell as other segments of local government will have much input inshaping the decisions of the board of supervisors. In light ofthis, I will direct my vision on decisions related to industrialdevelopment that will aid in the enhancement of productive growthfor Lincoln County. Such a stance cannot be undertakenindividually. All supervisors must make decisions collectively fora better Lincoln County.

Alex Robinson Sr.: I would work with the othersupervisors and city officials by inviting other industries thatpromote growth, such as jobs, to our community.

The Rev. Jerry L. Wilson: Give tax abatementsfor industries and businesses to come into our city and county tobring in good jobs to meet the needs of the working people thatwill pay very good and give them a good living. So, it will be atax break or tax exemption or incentive to draw them here. Also, tocontinue to work with the IDF to make stronger and more attractiveto bring businesses or industries here. IDF is the strong arm ofeconomic development. We need good paying jobs here that will blessthe people.

Lincoln County has a serious problem with the number of bridgesthat need to be repaired or replaced. How do you plan to correctthis problem, and how do you plan to pay for it in these tightfederal, state and local budget times?

Larry J. Boyd: I plan to make the best possible use ofprefabricated structures where possible (steel or cement culverts,prefabricated box culverts, etc.) A feasibility study needs to bedone if Lincoln County could save any money by building some of itsown bridges. Several years ago, the county had its own bridge crew.I also intend to try to obtain any state and federal fundsavailable for bridge building and to make the best use of everydollar budgeted to my district.

Andrew Graham: My plan is to see how much moneywe have to replace the bridges and find out if there is any moneyout there that we can get to help fix the bridges and what we haveto do to get the money. I will turn every stone to find money thatthe county can use.

Percy Rauls: The problems of repair andreplacement of bridges cannot be solved overnight. To aid incorrecting this problem, those bridges in need of immediate repairand replacement must be prioritized, and specific work completedfor the health and safety of the community. Those bridges that arefrequently traveled by school buses and vehicles transporting heavycargo should be repaired or replaced first. The county’s annualbudget and active lobbying are the primary means for appropriatefunds for this initiative.

Alex Robinson Sr.: I would certainly look atevery bridge in my district that needs to be repaired or replaced.I would probably replace those that need to be replaced by usingevery dollar wisely by getting the best bid for materials and usingcounty workers to do as much of the work as possible.

The Rev. Jerry L. Wilson: Allocate part of thebudget for bridge and road repairs and replacement. Use some of itfor matching grants and ask for grants through State Aid Road andBridge assistance and also ask for federal grants. And search forwhat else is available out there to help out.

Tuesday: Part two with the District Onecandidates.