Candidates study particular needs of District One

Published 5:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2003

Editor’s Note: Today The DAILY LEADER concludesa special question-and-answer series with candidates in theSupervisor District One race.

We sent — via certified mail with a return receipt — alist of several questions to all candidates in the Democraticprimary. Only one, Dorsey Cameron Jr., chose not to participate. Anew series of questions will be provided to Republican Joe Jonesand the winner of this race prior to the general election inNovember.

What needs does your district have that are different from theother four supervisor districts? Explain how you can make the bestuse of the available funds to meet the needs of your district.

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Larry J. Boyd: District 1 is very fortunate to have only a fewmiles of gravel road left, therefore the equipment needs inDistrict 1 should not be as great as in other districts and moreattention can be given to maintaining the roads we have. I comefrom a 30-year mechanical background, and after setting up a verythorough maintenance program, District 1 should have some of thebest maintained and longest lasting equipment in the county. Iwould be willing to help the other supervisors do the same in theirrespective districts to ensure the longevity of their equipment aswell. I would also be open to sharing special equipment with theother districts to keep costs to a minimum.

Andrew Graham: I have to get in as supervisorand travel the districts on a daily basis, write down everythingthat I find and put it together and go from there.

Percy Rauls: District 1 has been under carefulscrutiny by a caring supervisor (the late Cliff Givens) for wellover 20 years. To date, I haven’t taken the time to assess specificneeds. However, being a resident of this district gives me anopportunity to travel throughout it frequently. Other than repairsand replacement of bridges, along with two to three unpaved roads,it is felt that District 1 doesn’t have major needs that differfrom the other four districts. However, because of budgetaryconstraints all of the districts’ needs will be prioritized, thusmaking the best use of available funds to correct and completeimmediate needs.

Alex Robinson Sr.: Right now, my district hasroads that need to be redone because the city dump is in mydistrict and some of my roads get traffic that other districtsdon’t. I can use the funds wisely by making every effort to get thebest bids on materials and equipment and using the manpoweravailable to me.

The Rev. Jerry L. Wilson: I need to hear theinput of the people to see what needs to be done and do it. I wantto support and be a voice for volunteer fire departments and bringthem from a Class 10 to a Class 9. Have better equipment, bettertraining, making sure they have what they need so that homeinsurance costs will come down to be more affordable for the peopleand hearing their complaints and address them by bringing it to theboard and get something done. It’s all about helping the people.Upkeep of county roads, bush hogging on them every week. Continueto get the county inmates to pick up paper and trash on the side ofthe road to keep Lincoln County looking beautiful. Look and seewhat is available and see what we can do and go from there. Like Isaid, hear what the people have to say and do because it is theirtax dollars.

Thursday: Candidates for ChanceryClerk answer questions.