District Three candidates discuss park, bridge needs

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Editor’s Note: Today The DAILY LEADER continuesa special question-and-answer series with candidates in someimportant upcoming county elections. Featured today is the race forLincoln County Supervisor District Three. Both candidates areparticipating.

Community officials are pursuing development of a newindustrial park. As a supervisor, what would you do to help fillthe new park with industries should it become areality?

Hollis Kelly: I’m in full support of it. I willput forth every effort to encourage businesses to locate in theindustrial park because new business is a great part of ourfuture.

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Nolan Williamson: I would work closely with thechamber, Industrial Development Foundation and SouthwestMississippi Partnership in promoting the new industrial park in allareas.

Lincoln County has a serious problem with the number ofbridges that need to be repaired or replaced. How do you plan tocorrect this problem, and how do you plan to pay for it in thesetight federal, state and local budget times?

Hollis Kelly: The problems with the bridgeswill be properly maintained by checking the conditions and the costof repairs that are needed. As a supervisor, I will conduct surveysand collect all data and make corrections as needed in a reasonabletime period. When elected, I plan to present several programs tocreate revenue for District 3.

Nolan Williamson: Lincoln County has a seriousproblem when it comes to bridges over 20 feet in length, second inthe state with the most bridges. Lincoln County has almost thisamount under 20 feet in length.

I will continue to replace as many as funds allow, always theones with the lowest sufficiency ratings.

The board of supervisors is working to get legislation passed tolet the state aid department pull money from counties that are notreplacing bridges and put more funds in the counties that arereplacing bridges.

I would also like for every department head in countygovernment, to look at their budget, and make cuts where they can.This will put more money in the bridge fund. Also, the LincolnCounty Board of Supervisors will look at a bond issue to increasefunds to repair and replace bad bridges.

Tuesday: Candidates comment onvoting equipment and particular needs for district three.