Every vote important; don’t miss your chance

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Citizens affected by Lincoln County’s redistricting ofsupervisors beat lines have already received — or soon should begetting — notices of a change in the voter registrationstatus.

The notices, from Circuit Clerk Terry Lynn Watkins, informvoters of their new status and where they will vote on electionday. To avoid confusion on Aug. 5 during the first primary, weencourage voters who receive the notices to pay close attention tothem.

Regardless of whether you are affected by the redistricting, allcitizens should take an interest in this year’s elections.

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Any citizen 18 years or older and who has lived at their currentaddress should get registered to vote and exercise that privilege.Anyone who has moved and lived in their new address for at least 30days should re-register to vote if they have not already doneso.

The deadline to be eligible to participate in the first primaryhas passed. However, getting to the clerk’s office will still givenewly-registered voters the chance to take part in the secondprimary Aug. 26 and the general election on Nov. 4.

Important decisions made is this year’s elections will affectthe county and state for the next four years and beyond. Every votecounts.