Raid nets more than expected

Published 5:00 am Monday, October 13, 2003

A raid on a Lincoln County apartment to capture a probationviolator Thursday resulted in a significant bonus when lawenforcement officers also seized a large quantity of marijuana.

Mississippi Department of Corrections Officer John Purserrequested the aid of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department toraid a residence in Everett Apartments around 6 p.m. Thursday.Officers were surprised when they also found 1.25 lbs. ofmarijuana.

Gary D. Hughes II, 23, of 576 Halbert Heights Rd., has beencharged with probation violation, and Anton Hoeniges, 27, of 705West Chickasaw St., has been charged with possession of marijuanawith intent as a result of the raid.

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“He was not living there, but I had information that Hugheswould be at that apartment that evening,” Purser said. “Thesheriff’s office is always available when I need assistance, and Irequested they help me go get him. Constable Wiley Calcote wasthere and also assisted in the raid.”

When Purser, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department NarcoticsOfficer Capt. Dustin Bairfield and Calcote appeared at theapartment, Hoeniges answered the door. The officers found Hughesasleep in a bedroom.

While arresting Hughes, officers noticed a brown paper sack onthe floor near Hoeniges and inquired about it. Inside they foundthe marijuana, valued at $2,400, and scales for weighing it.

Hoeniges admitted to officers it was his, Purser said.

Officers seized the marijuana, $371 in cash and the scales.

Purser said officers did not expect Hoeniges to be at theapartment but had prior information that he had returned to sellingdrugs.

“Hoeniges has been in Drug Court and had a warrant on him forfailure to appear there,” Purser said. “We did not expect him to bethere, but we’re glad he was.”

Bairfield said finding Hoeniges at the apartment with drugs inhis possession was a lucky find.

“He’s not a little street corner dealer,” Bairfield said. “He’sa bigger player than that. He’s been doing it for quite awhile.”

The 1.25 lbs. of marijuana had already been separated intoseveral one ounce baggies, with a street value of about $120 each,and was nearly ready for sale on the street, he said.