Seven sentenced in recent court action

Published 6:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Defendants who pleaded guilty earlier faced sentencing Fridaybefore Judge Mike Smith in Lincoln County Circuit Court.

Seven defendants, including two who received jail time on drugcharges, were sentenced.

Steven P. Etheridge, 27, of 2148 Flint Trail, Bogue Chitto, wasordered to serve eight years of a total 10-year sentence afterpleading guilty to three methamphetamine-related charges in twoseparate indictments. The remaining two years of the sentence wasto be served on five years post release supervision.

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Citing his client’s work history and his girlfriend’s pregnancy,attorney Gus Sermos sought leniency for Etheridge. Smith, however,rejected the request due to the growing popularity ofmethamphetamine and the dangers it presents.

“The popularity of it is growing too fast for us to just give aslap on the wrist just because he got someone pregnant,” Smithsaid.

Etheridge was also ordered to pay a $4,000 fine, restitution,and to complete alcohol and drug treatment, including weeklyNarcotics Anonymous meetings for a year after his release fromprison.

Also receiving time in prison was Ronnie Paul Glasper, 24, of144 Cedar St. He was ordered to serve four years of an eight-yearsentence for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

The last four years were suspended for five years probation.Also part of Glasper’s sentence was alcohol and drug treatment,obtaining his GED and paying a $3,000 fine and restitution.

Other defendants and their sentences included:

* Tracy Myers, 28, of 433 Windsor St., Jamestown, N.Y. – felonybad check.

Myers was ordered to serve three years on post releasesupervision and complete a term at the restitution center until allmoney owed is paid. She was to pay a $500 fine and a total of$2,122 in restitution.

* Deborah L. Upton, 31, of 1077 Crooked Lane – felony badcheck.

She was placed on non-adjudicated probation and ordered to pay a$500 fine and $2,154 restitution, including paying at least two badchecks a month until all are settled.

* Lee Ann Brumfield, age and New Orleans address unavailable -felony bad check.

She was sentenced to three years, suspended for five yearsprobation, and ordered to pay a $500 fine and $2,136 inrestitution, including paying at least three checks a month untilall are settled.

* Larone Taylor, 25, of 246 Marr St. – failure to support minorchildren.

Taylor was sentenced to three years, suspended for five yearsprobation, and ordered to pay a $500 fine. Through a term at therestitution center after his release from a current jail sentence,Taylor was ordered to pay $5,053 in back child support plus $165 amonth toward current child support.

* Shanka Evonne McGee, 24, of 635 Industrial Park Road -unlawful possession of marijuana and unlawful possession ofcocaine.

McGee was sentenced to a total of seven years, to be served onpost release supervision. She was also ordered to complete in-housedrug treatment counseling, an intensive outpatient treatmentprogram, to obtain her GED, to attempt to enter college and to paya $4,000 fine.