Incumbent lawmakers going back to capitol

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 5, 2003

In House of Representatives races, local incumbents will go backto the state capitol in January, according to final but unofficialresults.

In the District 53 race, incumbent Democrat Bobby Moak securedhis sixth term with a win over Republican challenger Richard”Ricky” Baker, a certified public accountant in Brookhaven. Themargin was 57 percent to 43 percent.

Republican incumbent Dr. Jim C. Barnett was elected to hisfourth term as District 92 Representative, defeating Democrat F.C.”Buddy” Turpin by a margin of 72 to 28 percent.

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Moak hopes his re-election will mean some key committeepositions for him.

“Seniority means everything in the legislature now,” said Moak,who added that he will rank no less than 12th out of 132representatives.

He hopes his almost 24 years in office will earn him a positionas chairman of a House committee. Moak said he is guaranteed a seaton the Ways and Means committee, but would like to serve aschairman of either the Public Health, Banking or Ways and Meanscommittee.

Moak came away with a total of 4,894 votes, while Baker had atotal of 3,667 votes in the district that includes portions of fivecounties.

Voters gave Moak 2,689 nods while Baker got 1,844 in LincolnCounty.

Franklin County final, but unofficial, results show Moak with1,250 and Baker with 1,093. In Amite County, Moak gained 280 votesas Baker had 179 votes. Moak had 319 in Pike County and Baker had158. Baker won in Lawrence County with 393 votes, while Moak had356 votes.

“We were very pleased with our supporters in this campaign andthe support we received from the voters, but obviously the majorityof the voters in our district are proud of our currentrepresentative,” said Baker. “We just urge everybody to get behindhim and continue to work together.”

About the support shown in his district, Moak said he waspleased with the results.

“We’re always excited and always humbled by the voters of ourdistrict,” he said. “Our family and friends got out and worked hardon this race, and I am personally appreciative of those.”

Barnett was happy to be returning to Jackson for anotherterm.

“I’m very pleased that the people chose for me to continue inthe legislature,” said Barnett.

Barnett said he plans to continue supporting Lincoln and Copiahcounties and voicing the opinions of the people in his district,which now includes part of Franklin County.

In Lincoln County, Barnett received 5,704, or almost 70 percentof the votes, and Turpin pulled in 2,349 or approximately 29percent of the votes. Franklin County voters gave Barnett 907 andTurpin 243. In Copiah County, Barnett had 164 votes and Turpin had48 votes.

Barnett gained a total of 6,775 or 72 percent of the votes inDistrict 92 while Turpin had 2,635 or 28 percent of the votes.

“I’m very appreciative of the vote the people of District 92gave to me,” said Barnett. “I’d like to thank not only those whovoted, but also those who worked so hard for me.”