President’s trip shows more strong leadership

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 1, 2003

It was so secret that even his parents did not find out until hefailed to show up for Thanksgiving dinner. President George Bush’ssurprise visit to Baghdad Thursday morning caught the world bysurprise.

Considering that just days ago a cargo plane flying into Baghdadwas struck by a shoulder-fired missile, it was a gutsy move by thePresident and one that should lift the spirits of a nationbeginning to have second thoughts about a war being foughthalf-a-world away.

A calculated risk, the President flew for eight hours, landed atBaghdad International Airport and spent two and a half hoursserving food and mixing with troops before returning home.

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Surprised soldiers gave praise to Bush. “It was a display ofconfidence in our ability to protect not just us, but him,” saidone soldier. “My morale had kind of sputtered, now I’m good foranother two months,” said another.

When times get tough, a good leader takes risk and rallies thetroops.

While his opponents will undoubtedly call it a political stunt,in reality he was doing what he has done all along — provide goodstrong leadership.