Options plenty for gift giving

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 8, 2003

So, how’s the Christmas shopping coming?

I have two gifts left to buy. My list contained only threenames, so I don’t know if I’m making progress or not. Since theLaster clan is so large ( I count 28 “immediate” family members),we draw names every year.

My attitude about the early arrival of Christmas is changing –some. I turned on the radio the day after Thanksgiving and “WhiteChristmas” was playing. Instead of enjoying the music, I wondered”how many times will I hear that between now and Christmas?”

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I still think the first of November is too early to put upChristmas decorations. A recent drive around Brookhaven convincedme, though, that the first of Decembe0.r is not too soon. Somehomeowners already have their decorations up, and I especially likethe lights in downtown Brookhaven. I wish they could stay on allyear.

If you, like me, still have some shopping to do, the AssociatedPress reported last week on some options for thehard-to-buy-for-folks. The items are listed on the dupont Registry,which is published every year by Tom duPont. I don’t know who TomduPont is or what he does the rest of the year, but I know thatyou’d have to be a duPont to buy this stuff.

For those in the market for a vehicle, country singer AlanJackson’s 1966 Excalibur roadster is available for $45,995. AMercedes-Benz CL500 formerly owned by Indianapolis Colts receiverMarvin Harrison can be wrapped up for $69,850. Kind of steep forused cars, don’t you think? I’d recommend kicking the tires on bothof them.

If you’d rather spend your money on a new car, a 612-horsepowerPorsche Carerra GT package is offered for $490,000. What a bargainwhen you figure that the deal includes driving instructions bychampion driver Hutley Haywood! (Does anybody know who thatis?)

Here are some other gift options:

* The 150-foot yacht Magnifica III for just $22.7 million.

* The oceanside Cima del Mundo estate in Montecito, near SantaBarbara, built in 1924 — it’s yours for $40 million.

* A 15,000-square-foot home in Florida’s exclusive Spruce Creek,the nation’s first fly-in community, plus two adjoining hangars andsix aircraft. That’s a steal for $45.7 million.

* The 22-foot Deep Flight Aviator submarine, $1.7 million. Thatwould definitely be a hit out at Lake Lincoln.

* An 18th century violin crafted by Antonio Stradivari, justunder $4 million.

* A diamond jewelry collection — all 452 carats’ worth — $15million.

Gee, I think I’ll take two.

Happy shopping, and remember — it’s the thought thatcounts.

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