Pair face several charges

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 8, 2004

A Brookhaven man and a Wesson woman were in custody Thursdayafter a police officer witnessed them fleeing a Rollings Laneresidence.

Dustin R. Thompson, 21, of 1967 Old Highway 51, was arrested oncharges of burglary, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.Ashely Poole, 20, of 2989 McCurley Lane, Wesson, has been chargedwith burglary in the incident, officials said.

Brookhaven Police Capt. Bobby Bell arrived at a residence at 783Rollings Lane at 8:01 p.m. Wednesday. Lincoln County Sheriff’sDeputy B.W. Pitts arrived on the scene later and assisted in theinvestigation, according to Lincoln County Sheriff WileyCalcote

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“Captain Bell went to the residence to question the owners onanother matter,” Calcote said. “As he drove up, he saw a suspectfleeing the scene.”

When Bell arrived, Thompson was parked in the driveway. Theofficer approached him and they spoke for a few moments beforeThompson started his green Chevrolet four-door sedan and droveoff.

Bell approached the door of the residence to talk to the ownerswhen he heard a noise around the corner of the house. As he roundedthe corner, he reported seeing Poole climbing out of a window. Sheran into the woods.

Pitts arrived on the scene and then drove south on Rollings Lanein an attempt to find the green Chevrolet while Bell went into thewoods.

“As I passed 797 Rollings Lane, I noticed two white malesstanding in the driveway, and there was a green Chevrolet parkedthere,” Pitts states in his report.

The “two white males” were Thompson and another man, who was notinvolved in the investigation, Calcote said.

In an interview with Thompson, according to Pitts’s report,Thompson admitted being at the other residence and said he droppedoff Poole, who went to the back of the house. He drove off whenBell arrived.

Thompson became nervous and would not remove his hand from hispocket, according to the report. When Pitts took him into custodyto further the investigation, Thompson physically resisted and wasrestrained.

Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Matt Springfield assisted inlocating Poole.

“It was a job well done,” Calcote said. “We want to work withthe police department as closely as we can.”

In a separate investigation in Lawrence County, three Louisianamen are facing methamphetamine-related charges following an earlyWednesday morning traffic stop and arrest, said Sheriff JoelThames.

Thames said a car driven by Chad Gray, 18, of Covington, La.,was stopped around 1:28 a.m. Wednesday after it was spotted weavingacross traffic lanes on Highway 27. Thames said the driver got outand ran to the deputy’s car.

“He was real nervous and the deputy suspected something wasn’tright,” Thames said.

After going to the vehicle, Thames said the deputy spotted aleaking canister of anhydrous ammonia on the front seat. That is aprecursor chemical in the production of methamphetamine.

Gray; Jed Passman, 41, and Richard Passman, 34, also ofCovington, La., were arrested and charged with possession ofanhydrous ammonia with intent to manufacture crystalmethamphetamine. Gray was also cited for failure to yield to bluelights, Thames said.

“They are still being held at this time,” Thames said.

Thames said an investigation determined that the anhydrousammonia had been taken from Selman Farms in northern LawrenceCounty. Thames said the Pearl River Narcotics Task Force and aclean up crew were called to the Highway 27 scene to address theleaking canister before the vehicle could be moved.

When anhydrous ammonia mixes with water, it produces a toxic gasthat can be lethal. Anhydrous ammonia can also cause severeinjuries when it makes contact with exposed skin.