Give jail proposal close, careful look

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 26, 2004

Lincoln County Sheriff Wiley Calcote last week presented a planto install a kitchen at the Lincoln County jail.

In his proposal to the board of supervisors, Calcote saidinmates would be used to prepare the meals served to prisoners. Thecounty is currently paying $6.84 per day per inmate for meals froma food contractor. With a kitchen, Calcote said that cost can bereduced to $3 per day. It’s estimated the cost of feeding prisonersat the jail can be cut from $124,830 per year to $54,750 underplan.

The supervisors took the plan under advisement and couldpossibly make a decision next month. We hope they will give it acareful, close look. In these tight budget times, any plan thatsaves taxpayer dollars is certainly worthy of seriousconsideration.

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