Sportsmanship lost on some hunters

Published 6:00 am Monday, February 2, 2004

The action of some deer hunters is threatening to give the sporta “black eye” in this area.

The remains of three deer were discarded along a county roadlast week leaving an ugly, smelly mess and a potential healthhazard for the public. The county’s solid waste-litter coordinatorwas left in a quandary over how to clean up the carcasses, whichare not accepted at the landfill transfer station. They would haveto be buried in a deep hole.

And, unfortunately, Wednesday’s discovery on Weeks Lane was notan isolated incident. Officials said the dumping of deer remainsalong roads and creeks has been a problem throughout Lincoln Countythis hunting season.

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Although it probably will not do any good, we want to remind theoffenders that such carcass dumping is illegal and carries a fineof up to $500.

We also want to say to them, “Shame on you. You do not deserveto be enjoying this fine sport.”

Concerned citizens can help curb this problem by reportingoffenders to the Lincoln County Department of Wildlife, Fisheriesand Parks at 1-800-670-9615.

We know that the vast majority of hunters in Lincoln County andthe surrounding area are responsible individuals. They obey thelaws and practice good sportsmanship.

Sadly, a few rotten apples could spoil the whole bunch.