Super Bowl halftime downright disgusting

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, February 4, 2004

To the CBS television network and the National Football League– both left with egg on their corporate faces after Sunday’sdisastrous Super Bowl halftime show — we say, “You asked forit.”

And, we ask, “What exactly did you expect when you hired MTV,which routinely fills its own air space with garbage, to producethe halftime show?”

While all the fallout (no pun intended) is from the so-calledJanet Jackson ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ other parts of the halftimeshow were downright disgusting, too.

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Nobody is saying anything about the sexual content of the songlyrics. Neither the doomed Jackson-Justin Timberlake duet nor thewords of crotch-grabbing rapper Nelly have a place on prime time,family television.

Even singer (and we use that term loosely) Kid Rock’s attempt toshow his patriotism was in vain because of his flagrant misuse ofthe American flag. Those familiar with simple flag etiquette knowthat to cut a hole in a U.S. flag and wear it as a serape is notthe proper thing to do. Decorum is lost on most of today’s overpaidand over-publicized entertainers, though.

Federal Communications Commission chief Michael Powell hascalled the Jackson-Timberlake debacle ”a classless, crass anddeplorable stunt.”

We think that’s a good way to sum up the entire halftimeshow.