Loyd Star gets new principal

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, April 7, 2004

A Biloxi educator has been named principal of Loyd StarAttendance Center.

The Lincoln County School Board hired Wayne Rogers at itsmeeting Monday. Rogers is presently serving as principal of St.Martin School in Biloxi and will replace Terry Brister, who wonelection in November as the superintendent of the district.

Brister said he was proud Rogers was selected from the pool ofapplicants.

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“He’s been an assistant principal for four years in that systemand principal for the last six years,” Brister said.

Brister said he has known Rogers for many years. They coachedtogether for nearly 10 years when Brister was head coach of St.Martin and again in Rankin County.

“He’s had experience in different environments and withdifferent school sizes, and I think that will be beneficial,”Brister said. “I think he will be a great asset to Loyd Star. Ialso feel that Loyd Star will a great asset to him because of theirdesire to succeed and excel in all areas. He will be a great assetto that. He’s a hard worker and very goal-oriented.”

Rogers, who has 26 years in education, said he was lookingforward to moving from a large Class 5A school to a smaller Class2A school.

“I’m glad to be here. Bigger is not always better,” he said.”The things they’ve been able to do at Loyd Star say a lot of theschool and the community.”

Students need a lot of family and community support to reallyexcel, he said, and they are getting that support at Loyd Star.

Friendships and the reputation of the county also drew himhere.

“I had the opportunity to move to a different location and takeon some new challenges. I’ve also known Terry for over 20 yearsnow, and we’ve developed a good relationship.”

Rogers said he knew others in the district and in the communityand all spoke highly of not only the schools, but also thearea.

“There were some connections that were already here, andeverything they’ve said about the area was all upbeat andpositive,” Rogers said. “In some ways, I feel like I’m coming homebecause of all those connections we have and what we’ve heard.”

Rogers and his family were in Brookhaven Wednesday during St.Martin’s spring break to search for a home. He has been married toLisa for 24 years, and they have three children, Jordan, a studentat Pearl River Junior College; Lindsay, a junior at St. Martin; andJarred, a freshman at St. Martin.

Lindsay will stay in Biloxi until after she graduates, Rogerssaid, because she is ranked highly academically, plays on thebasketball team and is a member of the cheerleader squad.

“I regret the family will be split, but we understand herreasons. I couldn’t take that away from her,” he said.