Unity needed to move Brookhaven forward

Published 5:00 am Monday, May 10, 2004

Following last week’s annexation ruling, Brookhaven appears tobe about a month away from having approximately 3,000 new residentsbecome part of the city.

Objectors who challenged the city’s plans in court areconsidering an appeal. However, that possibility seems uncertain atbest due to costs and other factors.

Once annexed, new city residents will see the immediate benefitsof police and fire protection. Those residents eventually will helppay for those services in the form of city property taxes inaddition to sales taxes they already pay by shopping inBrookhaven.

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Customers who were outside the city but received city waterservices will see their rates reduced. Other residents will receivewater and sewer services as they are extended into other parts ofthe newly-annexed areas.

City officials have said they can provide municipal levelservices to the annexed areas within the five years allowed by thecourt. Annexation objectors still have their doubts, saying thecity has not taken care of the territory it already has.

The clock will soon start to tick and it’s time for city fathersto begin to fulfill their promises. In whatever ways possible, cityfathers would be wise to pursue some fence-mending efforts toreassure new city residents and to quell any lingeringanimosity.

Annexation presents Brookhaven with the opportunity for a brightfuture of growth and development.

Realizing those opportunities will require unity. Everyone -both those in the existing city and those soon to become a part ofit – need to make sure Brookhaven is moving in the rightdirection.