Two candidates miss report filing deadline

Published 5:00 am Thursday, May 13, 2004

Two of five candidates in next week’s special election for mayorand city clerk missed a Tuesday deadline for filing campaignfinance reports, although one subsequently turned his in lateThursday morning.

Former alderman John Roberts and political newcomer Sam Doddsfailed to file the mandatory reports Tuesday. Roberts submitted hisreport Thursday morning.

Mayoral candidate and current Ward Four Alderman Bob Massengilland both city clerk candidates, Mike Jinks and Mandy Sproles Dann,filed their reports, which detail campaign contributions andexpenditures, on time.

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Roberts was unavailable for comment on his finance report. Doddsindicated he had no financial activity to report.

“I haven’t raised any funds,” said Dodds, adding that heunderstood the filing was “not as critical” since he only would bespending his own money in the campaign.

The filing form says the reports are mandatory, even if nocontributions or expenditures have occurred. The finance report isalso to itemize individual contributions of $200 or more.

Candidates who fail to file the reports are subject to a $50 perday fine.

Finance reports due Tuesday covered campaign activity from Jan.1 through May 8. For runoff candidates, the next filing deadline isMay 18.

In Roberts’ report, he lists campaign contributions of $750,although itemized donations from four individuals produce a totalof $1,250. The candidate’s four itemized disbursements totaled$4,128.21 for advertisements and campaign materials.

According to Massengill’s report, he listed campaigncontributions totaling $2,199 and disbursements totaling $4,610.09.The itemized report cited six contributors who had given $200 ormore and six itemized disbursements for campaign materials andadvertisements.

In the city clerk’s race, Jinks’ report showed contributions of$1,212, including one itemized donation of $300, and disbursementstotaling $1,281.54 The disbursements were for advertising andcampaign materials.

Sproles listed contributions of $1,108.97, including threedonations of $200 or more. There were two itemized disbursements,totaling $1,108.97, for campaign ads and materials.

The special election is Tuesday. Winners will fill the unexpiredmayoral and city clerk terms through June 2005.