Busy paving season expected

Published 5:00 am Monday, June 14, 2004

MONTICELLO — It will still be a few weeks before the countybegins its paving projects, but the county engineer predicts a busyseason.

Jeff Dungan said approximately 80 miles of Lawrence County roadsalone will be worked by State Aid this summer, and countysupervisors have projects of their own.

More than $750,000 will be spent on 37 miles of road inresealing projects, Dungan said, with several major roads gettingattention.

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Reseal projects on major roads include Holmesville Road fromHighway 27 to Highway 583, Tommy Jolly Drive from F.E. SellersHighway to James Cox Road and Ferguson Mill Road from N.A. SandiferRoad to New Hebron. In addition Crooked Creek, Monticello andArm-Old Silver Creek roads will be resealed in their entirety,Dungan said.

“Hopefully, we can get started on these by late summer,” hesaid. “We’re still waiting for the plans to be approved and then wehave to go through the advertising process.”

It’s possible some projects may not be completed this year andmay be postponed until next year. Paving season ends around the endof September because then the weather becomes too big a factor,Dungan said.

“If it’s not done by then you’re looking at carrying it over tothe next year, which begins around April 1,” he said.

State Aid will also be conducting a $150,000 project inconjunction with the resealing to restripe and place new signs on45 miles of roadway, Dungan said.

County supervisors have plans of their own as well.

District One Supervisor Steve Garrett said he has severalprojects planned for this summer.

Repairs on the Graham Avenue bridge in town have been completedand he is waiting for the fill dirt on the box culvert to settlebefore paving it. He expected the bridge to paved “within the nextfew weeks.”

That would be about the time other projects would start, Garrettsaid.

One of his priority projects, he said, is a section of EastLincoln Road from from Forrest Grove Road to the Lincoln Countyline.

“We have a section of East Lincoln there that keeps slipping andhas been repaired several times,” Garrett said. “Hopefully, we canget that resolved this time.”

The section of road typically washes out during heavy rainfallsand requires constant maintenance.

“I want to see what we can do to permanently resolve thatsituation,” he said.

A second project includes Carmel-New Hope Road from Monticelloto Forrest Grove. It is a routine repaving project, he said.

Supervisors for other districts were unavailable.