Lots of changes in Co-Lin football

Published 5:00 am Thursday, June 24, 2004

WESSON — The scent of fresh paint filled the air in Frank PittsField House. It’s long-overdue renovation for the Copiah-LincolnCommunity College football facility.

New Co-Lin head coach Glenn Davis and his staff have been busyputting on a new coat of paint in the 34-year-old building. Thereare more plans in the works before the players report for officialpreseason practice in early August

According to Davis, there are plans for a new roof on the fieldhouse plus the installation of central air/heat in all areas.Further goals are to carpet the locker and film rooms plus tilingthe shower room and restrooms.

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In the meantime, sweat and elbow grease are providing the dailyimprovements. Davis has rearranged his office and his assistantcoaches changed their work space, too.

“We want to try and sell 65 lockers to alumni and formerplayers,” explained Davis. The donor’s name will be engraved on aplate above the dressing cubicle. Individual player’s names will beunder the seat.

“In the future, players will be able to look back and see whoused their locker before them,” said Davis. It is based on aMississippi State University tradition.

The gift/donation per locker is $250. Locker dimensions are30x30x7 inches, made from 100 percent premium wood. Each lockerwill have a donor name plate, helmet storage shelf, personal lockbox, jersey hang bar, garment hook and storage trunk locatedbeneath the padded seat.

“Your gift will secure your place in Wolfpack FootballTradition, as future generations of the Wolfpack benefit from yourgenerosity,” proclaims the color brochure.

Presently, there is standing-room-only situation with no placeto comfortably dress for a game.

In a personal message to donors, Davis says, “My staff and I areworking hard to place our school back in the elite footballs teamsin the southeast. However, this cannot be done without the help offriends and past members of the PACK.”

A slogan you will be hearing a lot reads, “The strength of thePACK is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the PACK.”

Brett Shufelt, Co-Lin’s new defensive coordinator, helped designsome of the new artwork in the field house. His father, acommercial artist in New Mexico, designed the new Wolfpack logowhich goes on the side of the helmet.

Speaking of helmets, Co-Lin is abandoning its familiar bluehelmet in favor of a metallic silver. Certainly, the Wolves willhave a new look this fall.

Hopefully, Co-Lin will climb out of the cellar and become atitle contender again. Since winning the state championship andEast Bowl in 1985 under former head coach Ray Ishee, the Wolveshave endured their share of hard times since his departure fiveyears later. They were 5-13 the past two years under former headcoach David Poinsett who is now coaching arena football. There wasa winning (5-4) record under Dave Cross in 2001, his only year atthe helm.

Back-to-back successful campaigns by Coach Phil Broome were 7-3in 1996 and 8-2 in 1995. The last time for the Wolfpack to be inthe state playoffs was 1991 when Coach Randall Bradberry’s team(6-4-1) lost 36-10 to Northwest in an early November snow storm atSenatobia.

If it keeps raining, we all might have webbed duck’s feet byNovember of 2004. Any sight of the Wolfpack squishing through themud that late in the year would mean they had achieved the stateplayoffs again.

That would definitely be cause for celebration.

Another Co-Lin promotion in progress is the sale of chairbackseating in Stone Stadium. Obviously, private support is necessaryif Co-Lin is to maintain its position as the No. 1 athletic programin the state.

Reserve season tickets are $50 each.

In another promotion, Davis has the Co-Lin players sellingtickets for a grilled Boston butt. Five tickets will provide enoughmoney to purchase one Co-Lin warmup suit which the Wolves will wearwhen traveling to away games.