Educating first-time buyers goal of home fair

Published 5:00 am Monday, September 27, 2004

Although the purchase of a home is an important decision manyfamilies face and the trail of paperwork can confuse theinexperienced, home buyers here can get a clearer understanding ofthe process Tuesday night.

The AJFC Community Action Agency Inc., in conjunction with theMississippi Home Corp., will host a Home Buyer Fair from 6 until 8p.m. Tuesday at the Lincoln County Public Library.

“These fairs are actually set up to educate the potential homebuyer about the process from beginning to end,” said Teresa Newell,assistant vice president of communications for MHC.

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Mortgage lenders and companies will be available during the fairto provide information on the process, guide buyers through theprocedures and explain what cost-saving programs may be availableto potential home buyers, depending on their income. Real estateagents, builders and other housing professionals will discussoptions that are available.

AJFC program directors will enroll prospective buyers intoprograms that can help with lowering closing costs or informingpotential buyers about available housing programs through state ornonprofit agencies.

Other activities at the fair include programs for creditcounseling.

Activities at the fair are not, however, targeted strictly atlow-income families. All potential home buyers can benefit from theinformation provided, Newell said.

“We’re preparing for a variety of people,” she said. “We matchthat person, based on their income and other factors, with theprogram or options best suited for them. Most of (the MHC) programsare geared towards those with low to moderate income, but this willbe beneficial to anyone.”

District One Supervisor Jerry Wilson and Ward Three AlderwomanMary Wilson are co-sponsoring the Lincoln County fair.

“We are optimistic with the partners involved that these homebuyer fairs will be beneficial to anyone who wants to obtain homeownership,” Jerry Wilson said.

Fairs hosted by AJFC were been held earlier this year forresidents of Amite, Lawrence, Jefferson and Wilkerson counties.