Honor Schwem with right spelling

Published 5:00 am Friday, October 15, 2004


Westbrook Mart needs a little up-to-date historical factsreviewed.

This area was begun many years ago by the Arthur McNamee family,which had mobile homes for sale and rent. Before then, residenceslined the street from Monticello Street to West Congress Street.Some of the Brookhaven people living there in those days were theJames F. Noble family (attorney), the Hoffman family (drugstore),Clara Allen, the Smith family, the Scroggin family and L.P. Schwem(for whom the street is named).

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Schwem ran the slaughterhouse for a long time and was noted forthe excellent meats that he sold at a small grocery store inanother close-by area of town.

On the west side of the avenue, there was a Lucas family,McCullough family, Brock family and Johnson family. The Play TimeDaycare and Joyce Asken Reality are now located there.

The primary reason for these recollective statements is becausethe telephone company assured me they would publish the street namecorrectly but failed to do so.

When the telephone book came out, the street’s name wasincorrect. The businesses affected are J.C. Penney, FurnitureFactory Outlet, Brookhaven Christian Bookstore, FabraCare, TheFlower Tree, Scrapbook Frenzy, He & She Beauty Shop, PlaytimeDaycare and Joyce Asken Reality.

With this part of Brookhaven having such historical interests,it would be nice if local phone books in their historicaldescriptions could get it right. I hope the readers will appreciatethe correct spelling of Schwem’s name.

Edna Besselaar,