Balance opinion with Democratic view

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Of course I don’t expect you to print this the day before theelection, but it needs to be said, nevertheless.

Regarding the opinion page on Sunday, Oct. 31, two days beforethe presidential election, why didn’t you just print a full-page adsaying, “Vote Republican”? The message would have been the same.This is a one-newspaper town. Don’t you think you have anobligation for non-biased publishing?

There are publishers and editors who don’t even vote for fearthat their bias will come through in the paper. You obviously don’tshare that concern. You are entitled to your opinion andyour choice for president. This is still America. But please don’tuse the newspaper, two days before the election, to tell thecommunity to vote your way. Yes, you are the editor. Giving us youropinion in Viewpoint is expected. But rather than fill the pagewith Republican rhetoric and an anti-Kerry cartoon, a moreresponsible editor would have balanced that page with somecommentary from a Democrat.

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Melody Sias-Linzey