City, visitors need new train station

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2005

I am writing because I know you care for Brookhaven as I do. Iam concerned because Brookhaven is thinking of not building thetransportation center, and that is a mistake that will be regrettedin the future, for Washington will not put this on the table againand Brookhaven is growing too much not to have adequateaccommodation for people coming in and out of town.

I live in Chicago and use that station at least six times everyyear – many I know of use it more frequently. It is a hardship tocome to Home Seekers Paradise and have to wait outdoors in rain orheat to wait on the train. Heaven forbid we have to use thewashroom, by the time one is found and we use it, often the trainis gone by the time we return to the station, with heavy luggage. Iknow at least 3500 people use that stop for boarding per year. Ifnot a big station, they should give us decent accommodation.

I know money has to be matched for a percentage, and this is anaggressive project – but while it is aggressive, it isachievable.

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Ruth Young