Board lowers cost of 2nd water meter

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, February 2, 2005

WESSON – Residents will soon be able to water their lawnswithout paying sewage fees, following a decision by the mayor andboard of aldermen Tuesday.

Mayor Alton Shaw asked aldermen to consider allowing citizens tohave a second water meter for the purpose of irrigation or fillingswimming pools, a subject that has been touchy at times.

“Our finances will hardly be affected at all, if any, becausevery few people request it,” explained Shaw.

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Alderman Hollis Cowen Jr. agreed, pointing out that the additionof a meter reading device several months ago has helped the waterdepartment.

“We’ve had at least on situation change since we first looked atthis. Reading the meters now is much simpler,” he said.

Fees for a second meter will be the same as having one meter ata residence, except a sewage charge will not be added because thewater is absorbed into the ground and does not have to be treatedafter use.

Other action taken by the board Tuesday included a change in theordinance to collect money from agencies sponsoring events insidethe town limits.

“We have to pay for the extra police officers, and we have topay for a Dumpster,” Shaw said.

An ordinance to charge vendors an extra $10 at the town’s twoannual flea markets was passed in July and went into effect Jan.1.

Alderman Lura Greer said she did not vote on the ordinance anddisagreed with charging a fee, saying it would negatively affectthe flea markets.

The amendment allows the sponsoring agency to pay the town forcosts incurred during the event however they want.

“They can continue to charge $35 (per booth), and out ofwhatever they (sponsoring agency) profit they will reimburse thetown,” Shaw said.

Four of the aldermen voted for the amendment, while Greer votedagainst it.

Aldermen also looked at the possibility of charging violatorsfor littering with the town limits.

“We don’t have anything to intimidate anybody not to litter,”Cowen said, adding the town has never even issued a litteringcitation.

Board members did not make a motion to have a fine amount inplace for those caught littering. Instead, they suggested thatresidents take a proactive stance against litter by cleaning up andreporting anyone who litters.

Shaw said he would look at developing a group, such as KeepWesson Beautiful, to aid in the litter problem. Also, he added thatApril 9 is Copiah County cleanup day. A garbage-collection bin willbe placed near town hall that day.

In other action:

* The board appointed Bob Meteer to head the electioncommission, and he choose two other residents to join him. Thosewho had been on the election commission are unable to participatethis year.

*┬áMembers of the town’s public works department who did notreceive a raise last year were given one Tuesday following anexecutive session.

* The board made an amendment to the town’s personnel manual,allowing full-time police officers to be issued three uniformsrather than two. Part-time officers will receive two uniformsfurnished by the town.