Utility fails to help our locals in need

Published 6:00 am Thursday, February 3, 2005

Dear Editor,

It grieves me to pen this letter, but I deem it necessarybecause of an injustice I have discovered recently. This is myfirst letter to any editor, and I hope it will be my last.

Being a pastor in our community, I often meet people who havespecial needs. Hardly a week goes by without someone stopping byour offices for assistance with their utility bill, a tank of gasor the need for food. The list of needs are endless.

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Recently a young man came by who needed assistance with hisEntergy bill. Our Benevolence Fund had been depleted throughout theChristmas season, so I attempted to assist him by making some phonecalls. One call I made was to Entergy, who has on each statement arequest for clients to add $1 to their statement for assistingthose in our community with their utility bills.

What I learned disturbed me greatly. Entergy told me that allthe funds collected through the $1 contribution was forwarded tothe Salvation Army for distribution. Since we have no SalvationArmy in Brookhaven, no funds are available for the needy in ourcommunity. This is an injustice to all who contribute and also tothe needy of our community.

If all I have been told is correct, I feel that Entergy shouldchange its wording on its statements or make those funds availablethrough another source within our community. It isn’t fair for goodpeople to attempt to help our needy and have the funds sent toother areas for distribution.

Thanks for allowing me to express this injustice and callattention to needs of our community that aren’t being met through apolicy set forth by Entergy to meet those needs.sent to other areasfor distribution.

The Rev. Tom Hollowell,

First United Methodist Church,