Not-so-typical store opens on boulevard

Published 6:00 am Monday, February 7, 2005

That’s how Lynn Bozeman describes her new store, J.JAMS, locatedat 532 Brookway Blvd.

The dictionary definition of eclectic – selecting what appearsto be best in various doctrines, methods and styles – is just whatBozeman envisioned for her not-so-typical store.

“I wanted something you couldn’t get here,” she said.

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J.JAMS carries hard-to-find and one-of-a kind items for”tweens,” those boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 12, saidBozeman.

“But some of our things will appeal to all ages,” Bozemansaid.

“We wanted fashion that’s on the edge of what’s new in fashion,that’s not currently in the mainstream.”

The business’ name is derived from the first letters of thenames of each of Bozeman’s four children: Jeffrey, Jacob, Abby andMeredith.

A former graphics design major, Bozeman opened her business justbefore Christmas.

“I had a vision when I walked into the store,” she said. “Oneweek I had the idea; the next week I was at market. My family hasbeen very understanding.”

Bozeman said she and her staff have worked hard to search fornew items for the store.

“We have one-of-a-kind things,” said Bozeman. “If everyone hasit – we don’t want it.”

The store works one-on-one with several designers to come upwith the items the store carries. Bozeman said she also works witha couple of local designers.

“You may come in the store one time and we have an item; thenext time we’ll have something entirely different.”

The store carries a variety of “tween” bath products and makeup,purses, shoes, clothing, jewelry and gifts. The store is in theprocess of adding a tween cosmetic counter.

“We’ll have a special place for them to look at makeup,” Bozemansaid.

Bozeman pointed out her store carries a line of clothing forboys. “We wanted to keep things cool for them. We didn’t want thestore to be all pink and froufrou.”

The store’s clothing line ranges from size 4 to 18/20 in boysand size 4 to 16 in girls.

Bozeman currently employs three full- and part-time employees inthe approximately 2200-square-foot store, which is located nextdoor to Castle’s. The store is open Monday through Saturday from9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Bozeman, who is married to Neal Bozeman, said her children havebeen giving her tips on the store.

“My son said there isn’t enough boy’s stuff, which is coming,and my girls are ecstatic and like to model everything in thestore.”