Let us not forget our Godly history

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Joe Young’s letter in The Clarion-Ledger onJan. 1, 2005. The thrust of his letter is that cultic religiousgroups are trying to force this secular nation to change. Actually,the reverse is true – a nation founded upon God is becoming moresecular, influenced by certain groups.

Generally, educators and producers are partly to blame. Theseself-determined “brains” of America have been busy secularizing ourcountry, considering themselves the self-appointed guardians of theyoung, malleable minds of our children. Institutions of higherlearning, imagining themselves higher than “the Infinite Power whorules the universe” according to Jefferson, have been causing adefinite shift away from God since Jefferson’s time, as teachershave molded minds not to see the need for God or even that Heexists. Parents, also, are to blame in not having done their taskin molding their children at home.

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That our country was founded upon godly principles is notwritten in textbooks, taught in schools, discussed on talk shows,nor shown in movies. The elite scoff at the idea of God. “We aredoing very well by ourselves and for ourselves, so don’t bother usabout your God.”

Young people now feel the Declaration of Independence isindependence from God and parents, not from tyrants who would notlet us worship God freely. But our leaders from George Washingtonto George Bush have petitioned God’s help from our country. Ourfirst president, in his inaugural address, said about God “TheBenign Parent of the human race has been pleased to favor theAmerican people. The success of this government must depend uponHis divine blessing.” Kennedy asked for “His blessing and help,knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”Clinton petitioned, “May God strengthen our hands for the good workahead.” So, George W. Bush was not a radical in invoking God’sblessing.

However, although we were founded as a godly nation, to ourshame, we have been moving away from our moorings, so that peoplelike Mr. Young and groups like the ACLU consider us now a secularnation. They seem indignant that “a cult of religious activistswants the government to force certain religious beliefs on allpeople” (a quote from Joe Young).

The secularist brain actively opposes the Christian heart of thenation, which as of 2005 is still the majority. May we, by God’sgrace, fight to keep from further drifting in our homes, thechurch, and in society.

It is America’s heart of love and faith that through churcheshas raised up charities to step in where the welfare program hasfailed. Young complains that “multi-millions of taxpayers’ dollars”are given to faith-based programs. Yes, but listen to Kennedy inhis inaugural address, “on earth God’s work must be our own.”Christians are seeking to aid, and Bush to supplement that aid, tothe neediest among us. The reward is not power but joy from givingas God gave.

I’m thankful to our free country and press that two opposingviews – Young’s and mine – can be expressed!

Thank you, and God bless and keep America.

Keith McDaniel,