City’s sales tax receipts higher during January

Published 6:00 am Thursday, February 24, 2005

Although Brookhaven started 2005 on a positive note in sales taxcollections, the city slipped in statewide rankings because ofother communities’ strong performances, according to MississippiState Tax Commission figures.

Brookhaven was up almost $11,000 to $398,957.87 for its share ofJanuary sales tax, which represents sales made in December. Thecity’s January 2004 total was $388,877,73.

“It’s comforting to see January, like December, was anothermonth in which sales tax increased,” said Cliff Brumfield,Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce executive vicepresident.

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Brookhaven, normally around 21st among top sales tax collectors,slipped to 23rd in January. In year-to-date collections, the cityremained about $9,000 off last year’s pace, with $2,424,057.73 thenand $2,415,317.81 now.

Nevertheless, Brumfield indicated the numbers were still goodfor Brookhaven. He said industry analysts continue to report thatthe national economy on the road to recovery.

“The number of ribbon cuttings held in Brookhaven in recentmonth suggests our economy is recovering as well,” Brumfieldsaid.

Brumfield commented on the impact that new or relocatedspecialty shops are having on the local economy. Among those withinthe last year, he mentioned Castles, J. Jams, Engravables, PoseyPlace and Wizard Electronics.

“The numbers reflect more sales to local shoppers but also thosecoming from other communities to help boost our retail base,”Brumfield said.