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Officer rejects involvement in probationer’s arrest

Dear Editor:

I must respond in reference to the article in Sunday’s DAILYLEADER about the missing funds a probationer had when he wasarrested.

There are three MDOC (Mississippi Department of Corrections)probation officers in the Brookhaven office. Two of us were atlunch together the day of Mr. Anderson’s arrest. We returned to ouroffice after lunch on that day to find the front door locked.

We unlocked the door and went in to find the other MDOC officer,several officers from other agencies and Mr. Anderson. We learnedthe money was already missing.

The purpose of this response is that it was stated the arrestwas made by MDOC officers. If there was more than one MDOC then hewas neither of the other two here in Brookhaven. We were in no wayinvolved in this incident and no indication should be made that wewere.

This is in no way a complaint against your employee, Mr.Coleman, as he wrote what he was told.

Dwayne E. Burns,

Bogue Chitto