Hood out of line in MCI settlement

Published 5:00 am Friday, May 27, 2005

Dear Editor,

If Attorney General Jim Hood is so interested in the bettermentof Mississippi, he needs to answer why he settled with MCI andtheir attorney Mike Moore for, as someone has already pointed out,10 cents on the dollar.

Then, why didn’t he or one of his people represent Mississippiinstead of assigning the case to one of his private-firm lawyerfriends for a cool $14 million? What a threesome!

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Since this is tax money that was owed the state, why was theLegislature not involved in having a say in the settlement? Basedon Hood’s dealings above, he doesn’t appear to be qualified to makea decision that rightly belongs to the Legislature and Gov. HaleyBarbour.

Bobby Jarrell,

via e-mail