Galey named state emergency manager of year

Published 5:00 am Monday, June 20, 2005

Brookhaven-Lincoln County Civil Defense Director Clifford Galeysaid being named Emergency Manager of the Year is simply a matterof doing his job every day.

“It’s an honor,” Galey said after receiving the award during theMississippi Emergency Management Agency and Mississippi CivilDefense/Emergency Management Association conference last week inGulfport.

Galey, who has been the local civil defense director for nineyears, said he appreciated being nominated by his peers and to have”lucked out” in winning the statewide award. Galey was nominatedalong with Pearl River County director Bobby Strahan and RankinCounty director Richard Wilson.

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“We’re all dedicated to what we do,” Galey said about the oftenlong hours that civil defense directors put in during naturaldisasters and other emergencies.

Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop applauded the honor for Galey, whois also heavily involved with the county’s volunteer firefighterassociation.

“I don’t know of anybody who enjoys doing their job better thanClifford Galey,” Bishop said. “He enjoys helping people in acrisis.”

Bishop said Galey’s honor also reflects well on LincolnCounty.

“Any time someone from Lincoln County is recognized as the bestin the state, you ought to be proud of him,” Bishop said.

Galey’s wife Cindy was also honored during last week’sconference. She received a Making a Difference Award for excellencein volunteerism during disasters.

“I thought it was great, but there are a lot of other peoplethroughout the state who volunteer,” she said of the award.

Cindy Galey said her volunteer efforts were tied to herhusband’s service at the civil defense office.

“When Clifford’s here, I’m here,” she said.

In addition to the statewide award, Clifford Galey received aMaking A Difference Award for his dealings with the state’sCongressional Delegation. Galey, five other county directors andMEMA Executive Director Robert Latham shared in the award.

Also, Clifford Galey was elected as vice-president of the statecivil defense/emergency management association. He was sworn in tothe post Wednesday and will serve during the 2005-06 year.