Good will was foundation for needed gift

Published 5:00 am Monday, August 8, 2005

A telephone call for a quote on a paint job turned into a lotmore for a Lincoln County woman who soon will be moving into hernew home.

Amy Sue Robinson had called Melvin Brown about painting her oldfamily home.

Brown, who owns a painting business, said when he went to thehome “I passed on by it. It wasn’t worth painting.” After turningaround, he spoke to Robinson and broke the bad news.

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Nearly a month later, Brown was traveling with his brother, CarlBrown, and they passed the home. They noticed smoke coming from thehouse and thought there was a fire.

However, they discovered Robinson was cooking on a wood stove.It was then, Melvin Brown said, they truly learned of the woman’splight. The home had no plumbing and was without other modernamenities.

Shaken, the Brown brothers vowed to help however they could andbegan making telephone calls. A week later, a meeting was held at alocal church involving members of the community and privatecontractors.

The Rev. Edward Dillon, who pastors Della Green M.B. Church andHigdon Community Church, agreed to coordinate the effort, and theConcerned Citizens of Lincoln County was formed.

“The first thing we asked her was would she accept help,” Dillonsaid. “She said yes. Every now and then the Lord will test you – tosee how you react. Our community reacted by coming together for acommon goal.”

Although the unchartered organization carries “Lincoln County”in its name, organizers say individuals, businesses, churches andother civic organizations in Pike County have joined theeffort.

“We just do things on the weekend,” Dillon said. “If we couldwork every day, we’d be done by now. As it is, we’ve got it up,roofed and got the insulation in.”

Workers planned to install the sheet rock Saturday.

“It’s a brand new house – built totally from scratch,” MelvinBrown said.

The new house is being built next to the old one on familyproperty. Much of the materials and labor have been donated, hesaid. Monetary donations have covered the additional costs.

Initially, the workers organized only for the Robinson home, butthe enthusiasm of the volunteers and the success of the project hasled them to reconsider disbanding after this project.

“We’re still soliciting donations. The success of this has madeus rethink our approach. We want to do other projects after this,”Carl Brown said.

Brown said any money left over from this project would beautomatically put into a fund for a second home.

“We’re looking at fulfilling needs, not wants,” Dillon said.

Meanwhile, volunteers are continuing to work on the Robinsonhome.

“By the end of the month we plan to be through with that house,”Dillon said.

A event to honor all the volunteers and those who donated to theproject on behalf of Robinson will be held once the house iscomplete, Dillon said.