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Published 5:00 am Friday, September 9, 2005

Editor’s note: The DAILY LEADER has received several inquiriesin the past days on the well-being of area residents followingHurricane Katrina. If you have been unable to contact friends orrelatives since the storm, you may e-mail we cannot personally call or visit to check on your lovedones, we will gladly share the information in the hope that someonecan provide information.

I’m trying to find out if my uncle and family are ok from thestorm. His name is Lloyd Segura and he lives on Harmony Rd. We havebeen in contact with other relatives in the area but have not beenable to get in touch with him. We have been calling for days. Ifyou know of any information, please let me know. Thanks.

Robyn Landry

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155 Brigade Combat Team asks for all family members living

south of I-20 to phone one of the following numbers. Operatorswill request info to ID and locate deployed soldiers to relaymessages. Likewise, deployed soldiers can initiate the same effortfor loved ones at home. Every soldier in Iraq is concerned fortheir family members at home. Please contact one of the numbersbelow to get a message to your deployed soldier:


(601) 313-6124

(601) 313-6284

(601) 313-6342

Thanks and God bless.

Maj. Craig Weaver

We are trying to get a message to your mayor, Bob Massengill,and his family. Please let them know that their family here in PAis keeping them and all the residents of Brookhaven and Mississippias well as all the other areas affected by the hurricane in ourthoughts and prayers.

We are aware that the phones and other means of communicationare down at this time and also assume that Bob and his family arebusy assisting their neighbors and friends. We just wanted them toknow we are thinking of them and will await word from them whenthey can. Thank you.

Nancy and Steve Dobbins, Lois and RayCastaldi

My name is Tami Tolar, and I live in Tylertown. I am on a

cruise in the Caribbean, and my family is at home. We cannot getany information as there are no phones, cell phones, e-mail, etc. Iam extremely worried, and I need some help. Could you please sendme any photos or news that you may have. Any help would be greatlyappreciated.

Tami Tolar