Thanks for making us feel at home

Published 5:00 am Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear Editor,

We want to say “thank you,” Brookhaven.

Katrina totally wiped out our home and everything else we ownedin Bay St. Louis. We only have left a few clothes and the car weescaped in. (Not to worry. We are fortunate enough to haveresources to take care of our needs and insurance to cover ourlosses.)

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After a few days in different motels, we ended up in Brookhaven.As it is impossible to return to the coast, we took a smallapartment here.

I went down to the water department to put up a deposit – thelady next to me heard me tell the clerk I was from “the bay.” Nextthing I know, several perfect strangers were standing around measking, “Are you all right?” “Can I do anything for you?” etc.

I ran out of my blood pressure pills and could not get a callthrough to my doctor to get some more. So, I went to a localdrugstore and asked the pharmacist if he could help. He workedeverything out and gave me the pills – no charge!

The neighbors in the apartment complex gathered around us as wewere moving in the few things we had left. They offered any kind ofhelp we could need and followed through with all kind of help.

These are only a few of the things Brookhaven has done for us.But mostly, we are not alone.

Thank you Brookhaven!

J. Paul White,