Poem recalls fond memories of early years here

Published 6:00 am Monday, November 7, 2005

In these days of turmoil and uncertainty, sometimes falling backon a memory of the past helps reset one’s compass.

The following was passed on to me recently by a Brookhavennative and daughter of one of Brookhaven’s oldest families. Thispiece surfaced recently from files of the late F.F. “Boozie” andAdeline Becker. It was written many years ago by theirgranddaughter, Shelley Smith Powell, who now lives in Mobile,Ala.

While Powell never lived in Brookhaven, she obviously had manyfond memories of our community while visiting the Becker/Moretonclan during her youth when she wrote this:

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The flowers in the Railroad Park,

The town lights after dark.

The whistle of the choo choo train,

Great Grandma with her walking cane.

This is home.

Driving around with my friends,

Wishing that all this fun never ends.

The beauty of the campus there,

Sitting in my Grandpa’s chair.

All this means so much to me.

This is home.

The church buildings are such a masterpiece,

The train wheels covered in messy grease.

Downtown shopping and walking around,

This is home.

The relatives are there by the dozen,

One of my best friends is actually a cousin.

All the oak trees and pretty things,

Listening as the dinner bell rings.

Oh the beauty of this town.

This is home.

I wasn’t born here, but I have seen,

The beauty of this town,

And what it means.

Uncles and Aunts, friends and cousins,

All this beauty is in

This place.

This is home.

Driving high over the tracks,

Takes my mind back.

To these days long before,

But I sense there will be more.

Of this beauty, love and treasure,

Here in this town I find pleasure.


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