Forward calls to remain in touch

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dear Editor,

A few months before Katrina, our telephone service was down fora while. When the BellSouth repairman came out, he suggested thatnext time I could ask to have my landline calls forwarded to mycell phone while waiting for the repair. I was not aware of thisservice.

A big tree took down our power lines and phone lines on August29. I called BellSouth to have my calls forwarded which they did ina few hours and at no charge.

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BellSouth did an outstanding job restoring service after thestorm. This tip allowed us to have normal phone service for tendays sooner. People calling got a real person rather than a “noanswer.”

I would like to compliment BellSouth and remind everyone thatthis service is available.

Jimmy Perkins,