All of Mississippi must be included in Katrina recovery

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A Governor’s Commission meeting here last Monday on therebuilding of south Mississippi was heartening evidence thatSouthwest Mississippi is being remembered in the wake of HurricaneKatrina.

Leaders from Lincoln, Copiah and Hinds counties were vocal inexpressing their thoughts and ideas on what their communities needto recover after the storm and to be better prepared in the future.Infrastructure, communication among agencies and plans to take careof evacuees were among items mentioned.

What must be done now is to make sure this area is not forgottenas recovery and rebuilding plans begin to take shape. Commissionleaders hope to have their plan ready by the end of the year.

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We certainly understand the focus on repairing the coast. And weagree with Jackson City Council President Marshand Crisler’sassessment about this area’s problems paling in comparison.

Those problems, though, are no less real to area leaders whomust find answers. Those answers cannot come in the form of highertaxes or other methods which place an undue burden on localcitizens.

Congress must step forward with adequate appropriations to helpin the rebuilding process. Federal lawmakers promised to help, butto date their promises have not been fulfilled.

The commission is counting on those funds, its plan and privateinvestment to help the state come back stronger and better than itwas before the hurricane. That is a worthy goal in which all ofMississippi should be able to participate.